Mad Dog Musings 13 Dec 2022 — Granby City Council Criminal Meating of 13 Dec. 2022 on Granby UnCensored

Telling the Granby Inbred Tards About the 13 Dec. 2022 City Council-Criminal Meating

The Granby City Council Criminals were in fine form at theys’ City Council Meating on 13 Dec. 2022, being petty tyrants to begin with deigning to allow some old Boomer whigger tard to park a RV on his own property. Then when Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins and the She-Mayoress Lawna Price were going to raise the utility rates by 2% on the water, sewer and gas, South Ward Granby Council-Critter Gomer-Goober Carrell decided that since they were trying to get stoooopid Granby Inbred Tards to vote to raise theys’ water and sewer rates by over 102% in order to get “free BidenBux” in order to go into debt for the next 50 years for $4-6 million for a water tower and fixing the water lines, paying the $58.86 each on the sewer and water utility bills in order to do some outdoor gambling that they will get some free BidenBux.

Of course making Jim Channel (and in the Granby body polytick “Channel” is between “cancer” and chlymidia) actually do some fixing of the water lines is out of the question as Jimbo needs city time to get on Adult Friend Finder and Facebook. Former mayor Richard Eustler told Jim Channel back in 2014 that he could clamp once per 12 feet of rotten water line and Mayors T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins now let Jim Channel put a dozen clamps in 10 ft. of line. Which is why the Granby City water supply leaks 67% of whatever they pump out of the 1290 ft. aquifer coontaminated with sulphur and sewage.

So Granby will raise both water and sewer rates by better than 102% which is why Gomer-Goober didn’t want to piss off the Granby Inbred Tards with a 2% raise in the water, sewer, and gas utility rates. You see, Granby Inbred feral Tards are sorta like feral kittens needing trapping in order to cut theys’ nuts and ovaries. Feral kittens are much, much smarter than Granby Inbred Tards. You trap a feral kitten by putting out some rancid tuna and getting them to feed under a deadfall trap, but feral kittens can usually only be trapped ONCE. Not so with Granby Inbred Tards, who can be fooled into voting for TIF, for buildings, piglice stations, water and sewer projects, etc. just not within a few months of each other or until theys’ nutsacks, ovaries and buttholes heal from the last surgical invasion of theys’ wallets. So while Gomer-Goober Carrell is deemed a dullard, actually Crooked Ira is the real idiot baal-priest. Soon Doreen Clause, then Jamie Arnall/Conroy, Baal Shittrell, then Crooked Ira figured out that a 2% raise in water and sewer rates in December would endanger voting for a 102+ percentage rate and a bond issue to go into debt for the next 50 years in municipal [s]elections cum April. Granby Inbred Tard nutsacks, pu$$ies, & bungholes need moar than three months to heal.

So that is Granby City Council-Criminal Plan A. Going to the tax-increase well. There is no Plan B — not even making Jim Channel work on fixing the lines theysselfs.

Of course Plan A for Pastor Lindstedt, who has a number of old buildings each with a sewer and water coonection from when these buildings were owned by now-dead Granby people, is simply sell the sewer and water works to the Missouri-American Water company now owned by Liberty Utilities and subject to Public Utility Commission regulation and having a combined sewer and water bill of $30-40 per month and no public debt for any of the future years and working clean drinking water filtered free of sewage and sulphur and safe sewers which will not let more sewage enter the aquifer. Maybe even a fishing lake with surface water collection on Shoal Creek.

So a minimum $120 water and sewer bill every month, fifty years of debt, in a water system which will be neglected like the old one was — OR — $30-$40 per month total, no public debt, and a maintained sewer and water system run by a regulated public utility company (as opposed to thieving idiotic Granby city council-criminals running wild setting the rates as they please whenever they want). Seems like a no-brainer to me. But then again I’m not a Inbred Granby Tard or someone running a racketeering scheme to rob them through a Granby Piglice State Farce wanting to turn what is advertised as Mayberry but actually Gomorrah.

Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley tendered his resignation as of Dec. 31, 2022 and moving hisself out of Granby. Some of the other Granby Piglice told him to get out while the getting is good. Barry Flint reminded the Granby City Council-Criminals that he has always been head of the Granby Piglice Bored and wanted to choose the piggy who will enfarce his racketeering schemes like he has done for the past 30 years.

Of course I think it is time to bring back piglicing to Newton County who ought to set up a three-piglice Granby satellite station to keep an eye on Granby and Eastern Newton County as opposed to having to drive out of Neosho. Thus they will be enfarcing Revised Statutes of Missouri against robberies, rapes, etc. and not Barry Flint’s racketeering schemes. Nor acting as Crooked Ira & The Granby Council-Criminals’ Piglice Dissent Destruction Force. Crooked Ira and T-Rampage Gamble were a lot more polite when they don’t have theys’ private piglice farce to stifle dissent.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

[S]elected South Ward City Council-Critter 2020-22