A Tale of Two Cities (Reprise)

I reposted this Joplin Globe article concerning how Southwest City is getting a new water and sewer system even though it is less than half the size of Granby and with an impoverished demographic while Granby is stuck with a useless stormwater & sewer-leak additional surplus sewer work while the Granby water supply has probably hit near collapse and there is not the funding nor the debt possible to fix this essential staple of life; clean pure fresh water.

Why is Southwest City able to have nice things and Granby isn’t?

Because the past two mayors and entire City Council has been stealing from you and so has the City Clerk and Public Works Director.

Every. Single. Time. two-thirds of Granby voters voted in a TIF or police tax or parks tax or Cemetery tax the money has been stolen through no-bid contracts arranged by the mayor and public works director. Granby can’t even have a volunteer puppy-pound without the mayor inserting Granby tax money so that him and the public works director and everyone else can gain kickbacks from the eventual bidder.

The reason that the city council and TIF bored meatings have been cancelled is because there are no bidders left wanting to gain some crumbs and be blasted for acceeding to corruption.

What to do about this? First know that we have a problem. Then stop supporting those who create the problem.

Then have the people who want to really “Help Granby Grow” as opposed to “Suck Granby Dry” quietly decide amongst themselves who they will run for the city council seats so that there is no cross-purpose of efforts to remove the corruption. Then to fire the City Clerk and Public Works Director and possibly Police Chief and to not vote in any new taxes lying arouind for the cockroaches to steal.

Then fix Granby with what we have or to sell the City utilities to outside for-profit companies and remove city politics from Granby governance. To disband the Granby Police Department and allow it to go back to Newton County for law enforcement with a Granby sub-station for Eastern Newton County.

Granby can be the “Queen City of Newton County” again. But not until we purge the corruption and fix up our own town either through our own efforts or simply by removing most of the functions of this legendarily corrupt City Hall.

Yea verily, a Tale of Two Cities. One (Southwest City) punching far above its weight and the other (Granby) scoring own goals and tearing itself apart while it steadily decays.

A Tale of Two [Southwestern Missouri] Cities

Why is one community [Southwest City] in the same area with similar demographics and problems thriving and another community [Granby] not thriving at all?

Southwest City in McDonald County is getting a renewed water supply and sewer system with workable financing while Granby is getting an unnecessary stormwater collection sewer and decayed water system and massive debt. So much debt that it is unlikely that the citizens using Granby utilities will be likely to be able to pay a $100 water, sewer, and trash bill, much less a $150-200 Granby utility bill. As it is it is cheaper to simply burn wood or pellets or propane than Granby gas.

I’m suggesting that this course of events has been caused by the legendarily corrupt past two mayors and their (now r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. but not before they stuck Granby with the debts) meat-puppet City Councils and their corrupt City Clerk and Public Works Director. The below link is to illustrate the differences between Granby and another community close by and the differences — no a Tale of Two Cities — one that only works for the connected corrupt and another that acted for the good of everyone in their community.

Behold the Proof:


Is Granby City Water Safe?

Or is it simply a decaying infrastructure and loaded with sulphur?


“Has anyone had allergic symptoms when you drink Granby water? Such as throat closing up and sinus congestion. — Granby Citizen

There is nothing added to the city water, and Steve Clark there is no reason for a treatment plant are water is tested every month if treatment was needed the DNR would see that it is done . — Jim Channel, alleged Director of Public Works, City of Granby

Due to the drought the city has had to use the well which has sulpher in it. The water quality has gone down considerably. That and if you don’t keep it running the iron pipes give you rust as well as calcium and sulpher. After 9 months of not using much Granby City Utilities and Roxie dead, I decided to shut them off but they wouldn’t do so when requested to in September. So I told them no more bills, did pay for 1 cubic foot of water and told them to shut me down because I wasn’t paying any more water bills. They eventually did discoonect me, gave me a $70 bill for October and then claimed that I had used 623 cubic feet when they pulled the water meter and charged me another bill of $73 for a total of $143 or so. I am back to using well water for drinking and cooking and as always use rainwater for showering, laundry and toilet flushing. Jim Channel and the Granby City Council is responsible for the decayed infrastructure because they do nothing but steal while Granby decays. — Martin Lindstedt, Rightful South Ward City Councilman

To: Martin Lindstedt “good grief! The newer well gives great water. I’ve drank sulphur water elsewhere, smells like rotten eggs! No such nasty sulphur taste nor smell in our Granby water.Goodness! Thank you Granby city administration for testing and keeping our water great! Appreciate your endeavors to keep our city up and running smoothly as possible. Thank you!” — Granby Sulphur-Deniertard

Believe what you please. Admittedly the sulper water smell was more pronounced if you are running it through a hot-water tank in order to kill bacteria, which goes to show that the sulpher is there all along. And when only Well #2 is used instead of the back-up Well #3 there isn’t as much sulpher. But in different threads the sulpher stink is why people couldn’t and wouldn’t use the Granby laundry and why Granby doesn’t have two laundries. In July and August the sulpher stink was especially bad. If you think that the Granby City Council is doing a “great job” then by all means keep on voting to keep what you got and get even more of the same. — Martin Lindstedt, Granby Sulphur-Water Non-Denialist

Jim Channel¬†Agreed. There is neither chlorine not fluoride added to the water. The sulpher is already in the water and when there is a drought the sulpher well has to come on line and is mixed with the rest of the water from the other well. That said, reading the 2013 water report saying that over 60% of the water pumped leaks back into the ground, what is the level of wastage? Take the number of gallons pumped out of the ground and how much is metered and give us the ratio, please. Also, after 9 months of using only 1 or 0 cubic feet per month why exactly did the last final bill claim that all of a sudden I used 623 cubic feet when you finally pulled the water meter? The basement isn’t flooded. Could it be that none of you bothered to read the water meter for the past nine months? Hate to cut into your Facebook time spent over at “Help Granby Grow / Suck Granby Dry” but maybe in your visits over here you can explain yourself? Martin Lindstedt, Granby Sulphur-Water Non-Denialist

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 13 October 2020

Proposed Amended Agenda October 13, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted October 9, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, September 22, 2020


1) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

2) Department Head Reports

3) Chief Kelley — further discussion re: RV Parks and mobile home parks

4) Chief Kelley — discussion re: wage structuring and changes for PD

5) TIF project Approval — covered entry way

6) TIF Project Approval — covered entry way

7) Approve bid notice for truck for recycle center

8) Victor Coggin — 10 hp motor for motive pump & variable drive unit for lift station

9) Will Barrett Resignation

10) Closed Session re: Legal matters

Closed session in accordance with RSMo 610.021 (1) Reference legal matters

Video of 13 Oct 2020 Granby City Council-Meeting:

Video of 13 Oct. 2020 Granby City Council Meeting

T-Rampageifer Gamble Throws a Tantrum, Gits a Gumball, Sugar-Tit & Itz Way on the TIF Street Lights

I can’t have Box-Wine Wedgie Tard arrested and shit, so I must throw a tantrum and cow the rest of the TIF tards into shelving the street light deal promised back then

Here is the footage of the Monday, Oct. 5, 2020 TIF Meating wherein I got my stuff done then threw a tantrum about the deal with the street lights, accused that mean bitch Box-Wine Wedgie Tard who voted against me being the Chairman of the TIF Bored of wanting to becum Meyer of Granby, acted like I was gonna have a heart attack, got a gumball from the skrule bored member (just a sugar tit, not a mamzeress mammary) and delayed indefinitely bids on historic street lights as promised when the Granby Inbred Tards voted in the TIF back in 1998.

When you are a drunken mean petty asshole who don’t give a shit for the Businesses and People of Granby but can’t use the corrupt Granby Piglice to arrest your opposition or stifle dissent, you have to dominate the Granby fuktards who were appointed to steal Granby blind. Unlike the “New Granby Police Station Scam” the only ones who care for the street lights are Sharon Jackson and Jaimie Arnall. I can’t get kickbacks from the Styrons like I did for buying the Styron Eyesore while promising a new police station for those stupid lights. So time to send Sharon packing and refuse to “pander to the pub[l]ic”, especially when the only pub[l]ic around is Martin Lindstedt and his ex-son-in-law living east of Pineville anyways.

Why, I sackrificed for the Inbred Tards of Granby. Muh mechanics business was destroyed like Fat Lawna & the Lustfool Meercat’s feed store because I served as Meyer before I was forced to resign. It had nothing to do with the fact that I’m a piss-pore businessman and drunken abusive asshole who makes sure that there is absolutely no repeat business. Couldn’t have anything to do with that !!!

It is so nice to be Head Tard, to drink 12-packs of Milwaukee’s Worst, and to discreetly go ass-to-mouth with muh media — Chadifer Sexton Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) — and to make that rival bitch Box-Wine Wedgie Tard fume while I lick her ass, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

Editard’s Note: T-Rampage is NOT on the record as saying anything of the above. However, this buffoon did put on quite a show, buffaloed the TIF Tards who should have told T-Rampage to eat shit and demanded T-Rampage’s threatened resignation, and proceeded to at least move that the street lights would be purchased sometime as opposed to never while T-Rampage is chairman appointed by Crooked Ira Hawkins. The fact of the matter is that Reggie Bard was right. Historic street lights were promised and they should be delivered.

Uncensored & Uncut Video Footage of 5 Oct. 2020 TIF Board Meeting


Far be it for me to interrupt the fascinating stories about stray dogs & cats recently jailed at the Granby puppy pound, but I’d like to present my new Granby Missouri You-Tube Channel and starting out with the infamous 5 Oct. 2020 TIF Bored Meating in which T-Rampage Gamble and Reggie Bard screamed at each other and T-Rampage offered to resign, acted as if he was going to have a coronary and got a gumball instead and his way because the promised heritage lighing got delayed until all the TIF money is all spent and wasted on kickbacks and Reggie Bard didn’t get her way. T-Rampage Gamble refused to cater to the pub[l]ic and after running Sharon Jackson off in tears none of the pub[l]ic was around except myself and my ex son-in-law and he didn’t appreciate the non-pandering to the pub[l]ic nearly as much as I did and maybe you will upon viewing the video. That said, sometimes your pub[l]ic could do with a spell of pandering . . .

Another Great Moment in the History of Granby Civic Corruption at its very best !!!

This video along with others such as the 22 Sept and soon the 13 Oct Granby City Council Meeting will be put up live, uncut and uncensored like the original SouthPark Movie (Rated PG-13) on both the Granby Missouri Youtube Channel and my Oafishul Legitimate Cum-in-Second But Actually Elected South Ward City of Granby Councilman Blog.



Life with Granby People — The Never-Ending Granby EPA Lead Cleanups

From 1850 to 1960 lead was mined in Granby; Now they mine EPA SuperFund Trust Dollars

Galena lead in limestone rocks is stable. The retangular lead oxide in the rocks mined from Granby didn’t affect the water supply. But when the rock is crushed and smelted the lead gets aerosoled and spreads with the wind all over. The Granby smelters crushed the rock and then burnt it to get at the lead. The lead got into the air and being heavy was spread over the ground around where it was smelted in North Granby. But the aerosol lead can spread far and wide given enough wind force. So throughout the Granby area there is a lot of lead parts per million lessening as the distance from the former Granby smelter. Yet there are lead deposits in Greenland ice cores from Roman times.

So the process of lead removal in Granby means that they replace the black dirt with high concentrations of lead with red clay in which the aerosol lead  blows back from less contaminated areas and then gets leaded again and then there is more cleanup for SuperFund dollars. Concerning Pitcher Oklahoma there was an article that it took 11 minutes of the wind blowing  to undo millions of dollars in cleanup in an editorial of the Joplin Globe over 20 years ago.

In a few cases like at Dick Smith Park this is the second or third time the ground was removed because of aerosol lead resettling back on the worked over ground. So less contaminated areas inevitably contaminate the “cleaned-up” zones leading to the same areas being  “cleaned up” two or more times. Pitcher Oklahoma had many such cleanups and eventually the EPA simply bought it out and closed it down to where it was on 2007’s “Life After People” History Channel series.

The most effacious lead removal step was in banning tetraethyl lead in leaded regular gas as was done in the late 1980s and thus not putting over 200,000 tons of lead into the environment in the first place. It removed over three-quarters of the blood level lead in small children. The second step would be to remove the old lead paint in really old houses by offering financial incentives.

Is this a wasting of federal reserve notes for this never-ending Granby cleanup? Sure is. But every ZOGbux spent here in Granby is ZOGbux not spent on places where the rioters burnt down theys nests. If you want your 6-8 inches black dirt removed and replaced with a foot and a half of red clay and orange plastic netting put onto the bottom then you might well assent to an EPA cleanup of your yard.

Living in Granby “Barter-Town”

At the end of the last city council meeting I told Granby Police Chief Kelley that he was slipping . . . When he asked “How so?” I told him that two Granby City Council Meetings in a row and I hadn’t been threatened with arrest for ridiculing the corruption and stupidity of the Granby City Council — one of them a meat-puppet sock-possum walk-in not elected at all that they unlawfully put into my elected seat.

The purpose of the Granby Police Department is to enfarce the interests of the Granby City Council and its employees who are looting Granby. I’ve been arrested around 10 times under the T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins [Mal]Administrations and threatened with arrest hundreds of times more.  They are here to serve & protect — those who pay their salaries. Nothing more.

Pit bulls and rottweilers are known as “doper dogs.” The crackheads have these vicious animals for many good reasons to them. Three year olds getting theys’ faces ripped off & eaten and myriad dead cats are acceptable “collateral damage” for a healthy and thriving Granby City drug trade and sub-culture — so the Granby  City Council “legalized” them a few years ago under the rational that ‘since all dogs can bite we must not practice vicious animal discrimination.’


And at the last council-criminal meeting they discussed not allowing poor people to lawfully buy used trailers and putting them in mobile home parks under the 1993 Barry Flint Ordinance.  All the council-criminals & baal-priests were foaming at the mouth at the very idea of allowing poor whites with children to move into Granby.

I’ve offered to assist poor white people to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against them doing that sort of thing but nobody wants to fight to live in Granby.

So the Granby Police Department was set up to enfarce Granby self-serving municipal ordinances.