What Steps Do You Recommend to Save the Granby Poor Over The Winter Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins?

You and Baal Shittrell and Pfat Jackass Kelly and now Goober-Gomer Squirrell are firmly in charge and thus responsible for this mess so now what’s next, you pharisatanic Granby City Council-Criminal ass-clowns???



Ira Hawkins and City Council members as winter is fast approaching and the costs of natural gas rising quickly could you let the residents know in the next billing any issues they may need to be prepared for due to our current political situation. I’d hate to see folks not budget accordingly since everything else has gotten more expensive and out of control. Plus since you pharisatanic ass-clown City Council-Criminals are less Christian than a rattlesnake and don’t want to cut down on Liemond Jim Chlymidia-Channel’s Internuts porn & Facebook time so no final notice could you coonsider giving this belated kindness to the poor and weak amongst you jewr utmost attention? Cum-cum, cum-cum & Thank you !!!

Allen Malloy
Friday Oct. 15, 2021 @ 2:25pm

By Appointment by Mayer Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, Pfat “Jackass” Kelly, & Baal Shittrell Granby Hath a New South Ward Shitty Council-Criminal

Give a Good Laurel & Hardy Wel-cum-cum, cum-cum To Gabe Goober-Gomer Cattrell who hath replaced Joann Skank-Lamp who Croaked of the ZOG-Coof & Went to Hell


Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins found after some effort someone none too smart or honest to insert into the Granby South Ward City Council position left open by the death from Covid-19 of Joann Lamp. another one of the Granby City council-criminals who by their thievery and selective laws selectively enforced against the poor and their enemies can be relied upon by Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, South Ward City Council-Criminal Pfat “Jackass” Kelly and North Ward Council-Criminal Baal Shittrell / Bill Kittrell who was likewise a “walk-in” appointed by Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, a thieving baal-priest.

These “walk-ins” are appointed so they have the benefir of incumbentcy when they do run. This started in June 2020 when they got Ashley Edgmon who intended to r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. back to Florida and thus escape the $3.2 million debt to pay Allieger-Martin for an unnecessary storm-water sewer system but was pressured by Crooked Ira and the rest of the Granby city Council-Criminals to file for South Ward City Councilman against myself, have the 80% of the local inbreds vote for him and even though Pastor Lindstedt got 20% of the vote to ignore the vote and to appoint one of Crooked Evil Ira’s fellow baal-priest instead. Crooked Ira kept on appointing these fellow council-criminals regardless of the fact that Pastor Lindstedt by coming in second actually “won” the 2020 [s]election.

So this is how corrupt and pointless the [s]elections are — especially in Granby. By ignoring the [s]election results and appointing theys’ choice of fellow thieves and criminals they can maintain power indefinitely and hollow out Granby until nothing is left but a decadent and criminal witless population to form a sort of dumping ground for the offal of Southwestern Missouri as the younger generation and those who have choices move to Neosho, Joplin, Carthage or Springfield.

The imbecile chosen in secret by Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins was someone known as Gabe Cattrell. The one sole honest council-critter Jamie Arnall was sworn to secrecy and this video shows the corrupt process, done within three minutes.

This video contains satircal sub-titles for the understanding of outsiders to Granby. Most of the degenerate Granby population doesn’t like this video showing outsiders how inept and corrupt they are to allow theys’ own Granby City Council and municipal government to oppress them and thieve from them because outsiders will hold them justifiably in coontempt. Those who run boutique businesses like Sarah James do not like Pastor Lindstedt explaining how corrupt creatures like Barry Flint — who is responsible for the destruction and decay of Granby by as Mayor forbidding starter families from putting up cheap used single-wide trailer homes because he wanted them to be unable to put mobile homes on their own lots for less than $3000 so that Barry could open up a mobile home park and charge $300 rent per month. Then Barry Flint because he couldn’t get the elected town marshall Dewey Beaver to enforce his laws proceeded to establish the most corrupt Granby Police Department which is a byword for rape, assault and corruption. Letting the Truth cum out is bad for business.

The rest of the entire video sans subtitles shall be released later.

Hello, I’m Gabe Cattrell, South Ward City Council-Criminal

I‘m the latest walk-on tool of Mayer Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins

And Approved of by Pfat Jackass Kelly & Baal Shittrell



Penny Jean Faucett
Who is the new official?


Jamie Arnall

My apologies Penny, Ira Hawkins will need to answer that.


Jamie Arnall told me that while Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins told her who his choice of South Ward City Council-Criminal was that she was “not allowed” to reveal who it was. Whereupon I pointed out that there was no legal basis for proceeding in such secrecy and without input from the South Ward at that morally.

I also pointed out that while I came in Second to Ashley Edgmon who came in First, that Ashley Edgmon only signed up 11 minutes before the end of filing, designed to run against myself, and determined to r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. when he ran for office but only placed for [s]election in order for Crooked Evil Ira and the Granby Shitty Council-Criminals to appoint yet another corrupt baal-priest to proceed with putting Granby 40 years in debt for the good of kickbacks and Allieger-Martin. Jamie of course probably doesn’t want me on the Shitty Council because I’m an uncouth open racist even if she agrees with me on policy issues involving Granby.

And as usual, I only would be video-recording the meating but eventually I’d give Jamie the original footage without a “Directard’s Cur involving subtitles.

— Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN



Karen Wheeler
Penny Jean Faucett Gabe Carrell was sworn in as the new council member
Katherine Lewis Ortiz
what do we know about them are they “like minded” or do they think for the good of the city
Jamie Arnall

Katherine Lewis Ortiz Gabe Carrell was voted in. I do not know what his stance is on current city topics. Perhaps he could visit with you in the future.


First of all, this character that Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins picked presumably because he is a compliant ass-licker got all of two votes:

1.) Pfat “Jackass” Kelly who is sitting in my South Ward City Council Seat and
2) Baal Shittrell/Bill Kittrell of the North Ward and thus ineligible to vote for the South Ward City Councilman and who was another walk-in of Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins

True, Jamie Arnall refused to vote for Crooked Ira’s latest walk-in Council-Criminal, but then again as I pointed out to her she could have shut this shit down simply by boycotting the Council-Meating and depriving it of a quorum. She refused, but then again even most decaying imperial ZOGling whiggers who are “good” are weak, and they whine incessantly when evil criminals deserving of extermination root, branch and tender twig run wild unto the destruction of all.

So in short, none of the City Council-Criminals, including Crooked Evil Ira’s latest compliant ass-licker Gabe Cattrell, has any use for a republican or democratic form of government. Rather they are merely a kleptocratic oligarchy of thieving fuktards out to steal whatever is not red-hot or nailed down. –PML CJCC/AN


Gabe Carrell
Katherine Lewis Ortiz I would be glad to discuss any questions or topics you want to talk about. Thanks


Really? Please explain why you didn’t openly at least notify the People of Granby that you were under Crooked Evil Ira’s Choice of South Ward City Council-Criminal.

More to the point you are free to respond both on Granby Thots & Views or on Granby Uncensored. -PML CJCC/AN


Katherine Lewis Ortiz
Gabe Carrell all the citizens would like to know a lot of things. Who is running the city, the employees or the council. Exactly what is the job description of employees. Why does a business owner get harassed by city employees. Why can’t citizens get help when there is a problem with utility bills. This is just a start. To talk in person would require an outdoor meeting and you must wear a mask. Thank you


Mayer Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins is ostensibly running the Shitty of Granby. However Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins is part of a Triumvirate Axis of Awfool of the She Mayoress Lawna Price who cannot book-keep, or do the billing or tell the truth or ride anythang other than lustfool meercats and Jim Channel-is-midway-between-Chlymidia-and-Cancer the pub[l]ic werks directard who cannot and will not fix the water and sewer pipes if it cuts into his Internuts porn and Facebook page. When Jimblow told Crooked Evil Ira that he didn’t want to give “final notice” of shut-offs, Crooked Evil Ira said that public morality and giving “final notices” were for rattlesnakes not pharisatanic baal-priests.

What is foolish is that Jamie Arnall who is being jacked around could shut this shit down by her mere absence but won’t. –PML


Gabe Carrell
Katherine Lewis Ortiz well obviously I can’t answer a lot of those questions because I just now got started in this process. But if there’s anything I can do to help with issues you’re having I would you’re more than welcome to look into them. Just not… See More


Maybe you ought to coonsult with Mayer Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, seeing how you are obviously his Council-Criminal bitch. –PML CJCC/AN


Katherine Lewis Ortiz
These are questions we all want answers to. We don’t expect you to have the answers now but something to ponder for the future

I doubt that Mayer Crooked Evil Ira’s latest walk-in South Ward City Council-Criminal has any answers. But you could try pulling the ben-wa balls on a string out of its ass and see if you can’t get a recorded message and make it wet its panties for answers. –PML CJCC/AN

Initial Report 12 Oct. 2021 Granby City Council Meeting


Who’s the new councilmen?

Some obvious baal-priest goober that no one ever heard about before that Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins dug up named Gabe Cooper. He seemed to be obedient. I asked Jamie Arnall to boycott the meeting but she refused but she didn’t vote in favor of this Gabe Cooper. I pointed out that I had actually stood for [s]election against Assley Edgmon and Assley left so Crooked Evil Ira appointed another baal-priest Charley Brown who voted in lockstep with JoAnn Lamp and Joyce Mann, both who have died of the ZOGvirus this summer.

Regretably this goober looks pretty healthy but hopefully he took the ZOG-vaxx clot-shot.

Moving to the guests, first the Clouses want to hold a Halloween Parade and was duly given permission to do so on Saturday, oct. 30, 2021.

Then Sarah James were up for the Granby Economic Development Corporation where it was announced that Jamie Arnall signed over the old brick hardware store for which she paid $10,000 to the Granby Economic Development Corp. Barry Flint proposed that it would take $20,000 to clean up the mess inside the walls of the building, then another $180,000 to build a new truss roof and framework to tie in the roof, the four brick walls and floor. Then another $300,000 for a wooden building leaving the brick walls intact as a facade.

Mayor Crooked Evil Ira: I’m going to appoint another ass-licking Pharisatanic Scumbag to the Granby Shitty Council

Good Thing There Is No Shortage of Really Stupid Fat Old Granby Bitches Wanting to Fill The ZOGvirus South Ward Skank Seat Perilous and Go Directly to Hell



Well at last City Council-Criminal Meating held on Sept. 14, 2021 I actually found out that that awful stupid evil old bitch Joyce Mann had croaked off of the ZOGvirus earlier that day but since I was asked by the rest of her family to keep it secret instead named the other awful mean evil thieving fat bitch council-criminal who also croaked of the ZOG-virus JoAnn Lamp six weeks earlier instead.

I was running around Granby looking for another morally gelatinous weak minded thieving pharisatanic ass-clown but when I finally found one he was scared off about how the Boomer-Remover Coof was sending council-criminals to Hell, Go Directly to Hell, Do not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Contractard Kickbacks. Besides there is nothing much left to thieve, the Shitty of Granby infrastructure, the shitheads are drinking sulphur and sewage from a 1290 ft. cesspool/aquifer and Jim Channel is suffering from the clot shot and can’t be bothered much outside of viewing Internet porn and getting on Facebook to fight with Granby Thots & Views.

Between myself and T-Rampage Gamble and the rest of the thieving Granby City Council we have pretty much hollowed out Granby to where a witless and dependent indigent population has created a hollowed-out police state wherein those living outside this dumping ground avoids Granby like the plague it is. Inbred Jed was always sucking up lead but now with the addition of sulphur and sewage from 60+ leaking water pipes from a contaminated 1290 foot aquifer / cesspool.

In addition the past decade has the City Hall second story rotting from the water allowed to enter to where there was a coontractard bid of $30,900 for new windows.

In addition the price of natural gas has more than doubled to where the professional retard says that the price we charge will triple.

So whatever weak-minded thieving idiot I manage to appoint with the vote of Pfat-the-Jackass Kelly and Baal Shittrell will preside over a dying shitty well past the point of any return.

But then again the Granby City Hall has always been about stealing as much as possible, setting up a police state, driving out everyone with a spark of life and intelligence, oppressing the poor and weak while pretending to be christians instead of being baal-priest pharasatanics, and doing evil in order to serve our real Father and God — Satan.

I’ve never believed in democracy and neither did the rest of my fellow superstitious baal-priests. Why when Baal Cooper was so sick that the fool couldn’t even shoah up to steal we decided to appoint some idiot named Chelsea until she threatened to interfere with our Cemetery Scam with Assley Edgmon and T-Rampage Gamble running it. So T-Rampage Gamble got rid of Kevin Johnson and then Stansberry so that we could put in the “Reform” nitwit Tim Murphy as fire chief.

See how much I believed in “democracy” back in 2017 when me and T-Rampage and the rest of the Granby City Council-Criminals decided to appoint some mallable thieving ass-clown of our own.

Instead Pastor Lindstedt got the Newton County Clerk to force us to hold a [s]election.


Eighty percent of you people in Granby don’t deserve anything other than living in a decaying shithole. The only option is to take the path of Purcell which got a state audit, then upon detection criminal charges were filed against their mayor and city employees and they figured out that they couldn’t run a water and sewer system so they sold their utilities to a public water company.

Granby needs to be de-annexed and have its home rule charter pulled.

But the one thing we have accomplished is that because of our misrule and mismanagement Granby is such a shithole that even niggers and beaners don’t want to live here.

And the price of Granby hovels will become affordable again.

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 12 October 2021


Proposed Agenda October 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted October 8, 2021

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call:
1) Approval of Agenda as presented
2) Approval of Minutes September 14,2021.
3) Appointment of council member

1) Todd Clouse re: Halloween Parade
2) Sarah James and Barry Flint re: The Foundry and future Economic Development projects

New Business:
1) Bills to Pay, Balances on hand
2) Department Head Reports
3) Discussion re: replacement windows for City Hall
4) Jerry Schwartz re: gas increase
5) Replace Signors on Court Checking Account
6) Closed session re: real estate matters
7) Fire Chief re: tire purchase
8) Write-offs

Closed session in accordance with RSMo 610.021(3) reference real estate matters

Meyer Crooked Ira Hawkins decides to let Jim Channel goof Off Some More

Its cutting into the Facebook & Youporn Cell-phone watching so no more shut-off notices for you Granby, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!


A sharp-eyed business owner seen the recent city utilities notice above and decided to post it to Granby Thots & Views.

The thread devolves into sanctimonious shitheads virtue-signalling about how they always pay their bills but with a minority asking why a change in policy to where they don’t give “final notice” for those about to be shut off if they don’t pay by the first of the next month. Why this change in policy?


Terra Clouse

This is from the Missouri Public Service Commission: Before your service is shut off, your utility company must:

• Send you a notice that you are going to be shut off and
indicate what you will need to do to maintain service.

Different companies have different policies regarding
shutting off service.

• Attempt to contact you in person prior to your shut off.

• Place a hang-tag on your door, or make at least two telephone call attempts, warning you of possible shut off.

• During the winter months (November 1 through March 31), the PSC Cold Weather Rule is in effect and service cannot be disconnected when the temperature is forecasted for the following 24 hours to drop below 32 degrees.


Jim Channel

Terra Clouse the PSC rules are for investment owned companies the rules do not apply to municipality owned companies

Only a municipality as messed up as Granby would hire my worthless ass, much less discontinue the final notice because I wanted more time on Facebook and watching Internet porn.

Crooked Ira decided to let me jack off some more on City time so he discontinued giving final notice to the poorer citizens of Granby.


Jamie Arnall

Patti Miller Farmer, Jim’s comment above was exactly what I was telling you this morning about this concern. He states since the city is a “ municipality” they don’t have to follow the Missouri utility laws …. Makes you wonder why Missouri has these laws and why A municipality would not be required to follow them.

Friday, Sept 24, 2021 @ 8:45pm


Patti Miller Farmer

Jamie Arnall, it seems to me that letting people know before you shut them off is simply the right thing to do. Basically, it’s like they are saying that the law doesn’t specifically apply to our city, so we don’t care enough about our citizens to treat them fairly. Acting a lot like a big city that just doesn’t give a rats ass about people.