Three Hours of Mind-Numbing Boredumb — The Granby City Council-Critter Budget Meating of 27 June 2022

Three Hours of Mind-Numbing Boredumb — Giving Granby Employees small 2% raises during an “Oafishul” 8.5 % pre-Hyperinflation period — of the Granby City Council-Critter meating of 27 June 2022

Pretty much the Department Heads of the Fire Department Joe Guinn and Fire Chief Tim Murphy get $38,000 salary per year while the Region 8 Waste Management cuts Joe Guinn’s salary by half and East Newton fire District does the same. The search for juggling funds to make up for other governmental units cutting their budgets. Cumming to no coonsensus the budget process was tabled until the Granby committee members can work with the Region 8 and East Newton Committees paying more than half the salaries while fuel and everything prices soar.

After all the yapping about live-streaming last meating no web-cam or video-camera for archives but me and my $65 Sony digicam recorded this mind-numbing foolishness.

As usual, I amused myself by asking embarrassing questions showing theys’ corrupt stupidity: Such as “How much did you save by finally firing Crooked Ira’s bunghole buddy T-Rampageifer Gamble in his made-up job for which he was begging for voluteers to help him do? $35-40 K? Which like a few years ago going from five piglice kept at 4 piglice meant that Jacob Kelly and “Barney Fife” Denno and Ms. Piggy (who later plotted with Box-Wine Wedgie Tard to remove Kelly and replace him with her piglice humps from Pineville to Carthage in the failed Thanksgiving Coup of 2020) would absorb the Wages of No Fifth Piggy.

Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) of the Newton County Fake-Douche — T-Rampageifer’s Object de Bromance & Crooked Ira’s Press Secretary said that he knew exactly how much T-Rampage got (excluding graft & kickbacks). Chadifer would know because Chadifer & T-Rampagifer & Crooked ira are going ass-3-mouf,

So i asked, so “How much did T-Rampageifer get so how much was saved? “None of your [expletive deleted] business. “

OK, Chadifer. If you ever were a real reporter it long since disappeared when you becum a presstitute & Meercat #3 for jewnifer’s alimony payment lie-paper. Makes me support the Saudi Prince who invited a lie-paper jewrnalist from the BezosBlog to the embassy in Turkey, beat same to death and then took out a meatsaw and fed the presstitute to the pariah dogs. You told me. That said, your lying foolishness is nowhere near as entertaining and likely less true than what is said on Jeromy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views and nearly as likely as on Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry.”

With a likely real inflation rate of 25-30+ percent and gasoline literally doubling from last year on its way to $10 per gallon due to Senile Joes’s War on Carbon & Russia two government boards — Region M & East Newton Fire District have halved paying Granby Department heads Joe Guinn and Tim Murphy so in order to give a modest 2-4% pay increase in a “8.5 %” (Actually 30+ percent) pre-Hyperinflation rate the Granby council-critters must beg and scramble and such is the reality. They could have cum up with a vote on a “preliminary budget” but they know that when reality cums around like a “Rough Beast whose time has cum-cum, cum-cum to Granby-Gomorrah” that they will have to meat again to “do something” so they tabled the matter to after the Farce of jewlie.

Such is what I observed of the 27th June Granby City Council-Meating.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN, M.D. (Mad Dog)

Unseated legitimate south Ward granby Council-Critter (2020-22)

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

Out of state Boomers with ZOGbux get to put in new double-wide in Granby to widespread acclaim at 27 June 2022 City Council Meating

At the pub[l]ic meating pretty much everyone was in favor of refugee Boomers buying a new double-wide for the Boomer sister close to the Boomer refugee renovating a house — its cheaper for free-range Boomers with ZOGbux than a nursing home.

As ZOG implodes clueless Boomers who have turned theys’ native habitat into Sodom will want — like Chicago negroes tired of living in a gangsta paradise wanting to find & semi-longterm f*ck a fat whiggress mudshark before they get another cap busted on theys’ congoid ass — to move to semirural Granby pretending to be tranny-civic Mayberry and hiding the fact that in its civic corruption it is more like Gomorrah with serious infrastructural problems. But around here the riffling of a stack of 20s ZOGbux is akin to the still whimperings of they’s real god — Mammon.

The couple was retired Boomers with the man a veteran on disability from Brooklyn NYFC and his wife from Kentucky with the sister being the one living in the double-wide now from North Carolina near the coast who find the restrictions there uncomfortable. Boomers love making all manner of laws until they find the restrictions working against them. Like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard they found the property cheaper than what they lived in. Hopefully they won’t turn to be vicious carpetbaggers until running afoul of Granby realities like a counter-attack by the likes of Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins who is an efficient baal-priest Boomer predating upon foreign Boomers getting uppity against native civic corruption. But for now this bunch seems like Crooked Ira’s dream settlers — they have solid money and buy new trailers worth $75-100K and no chance of setting up a rival ring of corruption politically.

Crooked Ira since at least 2013 as he told me at Rameys has the dream of setting up Granby as a forced-to-upscale suburb of Neosho and somehow getting rid of the crackheads, chomos, elderly and rural poor after ridding himself of the independent-minded white supremacist men who would be much happier living out on their farms safely outside Granby but who love to cause trouble nevertheless. These Boomers will be dead within the decade, the clot-shot should further reduce the population well below 2000, and it looks like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos won’t move in with theys billions of ZOGbux, so for now Boomers with ZOGbux buying $100,000 new double-wides is Crooked Ira’s and his Council-Critter TARD-posse is one with Crooked Ira’s First Synagogue of Mammon’s sheeple.

And of course with myself being the lone Private-Property Absolutist didn’t mind that these people want to put a trailer — any sort of trailer or small building — on theys’ own property. My coontribution was in pointing out that the Granby City Council-Criminals had all sorts of [f]laws that they had no intentions of obeying theysselfs as witness letting Senile Heifer Joyce Mann buy a used double-wide for her daughter and children in Late May 2017 and how the Granby Attorney Jared Thomas, Granby Piglice Department including the public piglice vagina Ms Piggy and Crooked Ira, T-Rampage Gamble, Tim Murphy and Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett along with Assley Edgmon voted for it in a secret “emergency” council-criminal meating. Them pulling this crap should have gotten Granby coonstrained from making any more municipal ordinances for at least two [de]generations or 40 years which ever is longer.

Of course Doreen Clause interrupted me with non-sequiters before I could launch into a rant.

All of which goes to show why — in the words of the Zoomer [de]generation — “Granby is all f*cked up.” Why when they get old enough to fend for theysselfs the smarter of them with theys’ lives ahead of them will move to Springfield just as those of my generation moved to Dallas or Kansas City or Bentonville.

Boomers really hate their younger siblings in the GenX generation and their children of the Millennials and their grandchildren of the Zoomers — which is why those generations haet and despise — for good reason — the Boomers. But until it cums time in the intermediate future for the Day of the Pillow all will be said is “Ok, Boomer.”

Me Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt, write-in White Supremacist candidate for US Senate. Me GOOD Boomer !!!

Deliberately ignored is that like Tiberias Gracchus riding the Roman rural areas 10 years after the Third Punic War and finding no small farmers raising up children to serve in the legions so too would a demographic look at Granby — and everywhere in the Midwest — would see that a sort of social neutron bomb had carried off white teenagers and small children, that the abandoned houses approach 10% and fallen in half that or greater. In fact the demographic situation looks akin to the decade before the Black Death hit Europe and West Asia. But while Dual-Seedline Christian Identity looks forward to The Great Tribulation it is greatly doubted that Crooked Ira’s Civic Synogogue of Mammon is likewise going to like theys’ reward for theys’ shit.

I will be in favor of these Stark City trailer-park owners putting in new or slightly used single-wide trailers in their Waterloo Court trailer park. I’ve told them about Crooked Evil Awful Ira Hawkins and the March 2021 deliberately giving Thieving Barry Flint a special variance to bring in five or a few more tailers to bring his total up to 20 out of the 25 allowed back in 1989 after he becum mayor and barred private single-wides for young families starting out. Thus if the brothers want they will have a slam-dunk legal case against Granby if Granby persists in its 666th-nature of one law for them to disobey while selectively enfarcing it against others.

The nature of trailer parks is that it is filled with children and their parents given that there are all sorts of Section 8 housing for Boomers and older. Bringing back white children shall be Granby’s salavation and future. Thus Crooked Evil Ira’s Boomer-Solution of trying to maintain is simply a dead end of demographic dead-endings and collapse.

No one under 40 was at that Council meating. In 10-20 years — sooner if thangs go on like this present — almost all of the 15-16 people present will be dead.

The future of Granby is in retaining the children of the current Granby people as opposed to foreign Boomers waiting to die who bring in a temporary infusion of ZOGbux from selling out in theys’ whigger shitopias looking for Granby-Mayberry and finding Granby-Gomorrah with a shot sewer and water system and legendary civic corruption.

Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins explained his notions of turning Granby into an expensive shithole of old farts and strip malls on US 60 and having the current Granby inhabitants pay for it through higer taxes and fees was told to me at Rameys back in 2013. I said that Granby belonged to the Granby People and neither of us had any right to change it to their detriment of life as it was. Granby is Granby and I liked it as it was though I preferred it back in 1987 when I left the farm to move in with Roxie. Crooked Ira said, “Sounds like whatever I am for you are against.” And I said, “Absolutely right.” And there the matter sits still.

I am not against living in a trailer house though I prefer to live in a stone hovel. But everyone should get to live as best he can afford on his own property without some thieving Granby shitty council-criminal whose sole reason for getting on the council was to steal enough property through code harassment and tax sales and then to sell out high through mandated enforced property values and move to Neosho or Carthage.

Hear me Rick McCully? I don’t like Alan Cook much and I don’t think he likes me but at least he didn’t have me arrested back like when you were mayor in April 2005 for protesting some whore who was the favorite niece of then City clerk JoAnn Lamp putting in a new double-wide after tearing down my 60-year-old chickenhouse and root cellar on the property line.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Write-in White Supremacist Candidate for US Senate

Gone with the T-Rampage

As expected the New Granby City Council got rid of the drunken stupid lout who used to be Mayor, then appointed to the TIF Bored by Crooked Ira Hawkins, then unlawfully hired for a job by Mayor Hawkins, namely Travis Rampage Gamble.

Now a few other corrupt imbeciles are sticking up for Travis Rampage Gamble whose sole reason for getting elected was being related to the other Granby Inbreds, but even a number of them got tired of his alcohol fueled rage and stupidity and the fact that under both his and Crooked Ira Hawkins’ [mal]administrations that the infrastructure has decayed to the point of collapse and that the monies raised through taxation have gone to graft especially the water system which was in dire straits upon the 2013-14 Water Study which recommended spending $1 million (750,000 on Well #3 water tower to keep the sulphur water segregated as opposed to blended in water tower at well #2, and $220,000 on fixing the water pipe leaks). However in order to get “free grant money” the water rates would have to be raised 229% so they shelved the water survey and raised rates by 100% and spent $30,000 on a smoker and $5000 on a video camera they never used.)

They went a graft too far with the $3.2 million storm-water sewer system. Now they intend to go with a $10-15 million new water system to pump polluted sulphur & sewage from a 1290 foot aquifwr in new pipes — which the current employees Jim Channel and Victor Coggins have no intention of repairing.

And T-Rampage Gamble if he built anything built the Granby Piglice State. They passed Ordinance #815 for arresting myself as a Bill of Attainder and pursued it twice when protesting the Styron Eyesore being fobbed off as a “new police station” and for passing new ordinances regarding small buildings after they let Joyce Mann violate the trailer ordinance. Even when they “won” with corrupt Judge Curless assessing myself the maximum $500 fine and 30 days in jail twice, this Ordinance was negated by asking for a trial de novo before a real court of record and a jury. As it was, the “trial” lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes and coonsisted of Curless threatening myself with Coontempt of Kort 20-some times, with T-Rampage brought to tears, and only the far more evil baal-priest Crooked Ira Hawkins secure in his allegiance to Satanic government. The other three council-criminals like Senial Heifer Joyce Mann, Ashley “Giving the Bou Scouts theys merit badges in Sodomy & Civic Corruption” Edgmon, and Bill-the-Buttlicker Barret didn’t show up to defend Ordinance #815 even though subpoenaed by myself to testilie and thus in Coontempt of they’s own cash-register municipal kort.

And I shall mention these criminals inciting Fattt Lawna Price and Carra Jo Coffer to swear out a fraudulent and prejurous “Domestic Stalking Protection Order” under RSMo Chapter 456 for demanding public documents and which GRIDS-Grindr Greggy Stremel and that Beast of the Field Jungle Judge Kevin Lee Selby acted upon totally without lawful jurisdiction as “Domestic Protection Orders” concern battered wives & domestic partners and this was merely because Granby wanted to cover up its corruption. For two years I did my best to cost the City of Granby $15 in dispatch fees on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays going down to City Hall and got arrested a half-dozen times and threatened with false arrest thousands of times for something the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney refused to enfarce. I did get Josh Hawley and Eric Schmidt as Attorney Generals to appear for these crooked judges Stremel, Selby and Curless in my three Sunshaine Act Enforcement Actions. Which goes to show that these crooked lawyer clowns shouldn’t be allowed to be Attorney General much less US Senatards.

Travis Rampage Gamble is what is the inevitable result of having a incredibly stupid arrogant petty tyrant gaining an iota of power. His nearly two terms as mayor showed what happens when a stupid drunken asshole becums mayor. The result was that Granby infrastructure which was ailing to begin with really started falling apart because neither Jim Channel nor most of the rest of the outside employees want or are able to do their jobs. T-Rampage forced Kevin Johnson as fire chief to quit, forced out Sharon Stephenson as city collecter, got the fools to vote in a flunky to oversee the tax and fees collection, promised a “new” piolice station and bought the Styron Eyesore instead and imposed a police state in which those who are connected get to violate their pretend ordinances and get no-bid coontracts.

Travis Rampage Gamble took over the title of “Worst Granby Mayor” from Craig Hopper. But as a srupid drunken asshole he let Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins pull his strings, having a “bromance” with Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworthless of the Newton County Fake-Douche as a press agent to help cover up and an idiotic and thieving City Council to rubber-stamp his idiotic and corrupt tyrannies he is succeeded in that title by Crooked Ira, whose goals is to bring in new corrupt people from outside Granby and have the current inbreds pay for it. Thus the only logical step will be to take the “Purcell Option” of having an outside state audit, fire Fattt Lawna Price and Jim Channel and a few others, and simply get Granby out of the utilities business by selling the water & sewer to Missouri American and the natural gas to a supplier and returning law enforcement back to Newton County, dissmissing the municipal cash-register kort, and letting the People of Granby live in single-wides for a period of renewal and regrowth.

Crooked Ira appointing this drunken stupid evil power-mad asshole to the TIF Bored didn’t work out any better than appointing Fattt Lawna’s Lustful Meercat did. Upon being out of power for 18 months T-Rampage couldn’t stop being a drunken stupid power-mad asshole as was caught on video by myself and so he had to resign.

The latest eppysode in which Mayer Crooked Evil Ira as Boss ZOG appointed yet again his butthole buddy T-Rampage didn’t work too well. Not wanting to work real hard as it cut down on its drinking T-Rampage was hired without any City Council approval as required. When Pfat ‘Jackass’ Kelly was voted out and Doreen Clause installed to my lawful City Council seat, Pfat Jackass Kelly begged for the new City Council to not give T-Rampage the axe. It took the better part of two months but this terminally drunk stupid asshole is finally going to get unemployment, having likely been fired from his Joplin job.

There are a few of T-Rampage Gamble’s friends left who will stick by him. And let me say that T-Rampage Gamble isn’t Crooked Ira’s level of evil anymore than Orc #666 who is overseeing evil things win the wilds of Middle Earth is on the same moral level as Sauron.

Nope. Travis Rampage Gamble is merely a stupid mean drunken asshole who eventually cums into power largely as a figurehead and then this stupid mean drunken asshole acts according to its nature which is far more chaotic evil than lawful evil. But to paraphraise Dean Wormer in Animal House “Fat, mean, drunken, stupid & evil is no way to run Granby City Hall”

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Former [S]Elected Granby South Ward Committeman 2020-22