Granby City Hall Proposes, Reality Disposes — 30 April 2020

The first ever Facebook Livestreaming of the pathetic April 26th City Council Meeting was a corrupt farce as is most of their endeavors. Supposedly 70 people listened into live via Facebook stream as did I with a cell-phone hot-spot. At first I couldn’t even see it but then I reduced the live feed from 1k to 480p resolution but that gets boring fast because the audio range is all of 3% or less and I am not a lip-reader. When I asked two former council-men whether they had watched they confirmed that they hadn’t because they are fatalistic that the current bunch will do whatever they please and they simply decided that they didn’t care any more. Why raise their blood pressure unnecessarily?

So I bought a lie-paper so I could read the ‘oafishul’ press release of the meeting. According to the Newton County [Fake-]News they have the delusion that some contractor is going to build 20-30 cheap housing units much like the Cedarwood Addition way back in 1972 when they built up the garment factory. Sheer delusion. At least back in 1972 working-class wages were rising as the Vietnam War wound down. Now in the face of what is predicted to be “worse than the Great Depression” construction is down because collapse is here.

One woman I know who loves Granby told me that the house she built is worth less than the building materials she put into it. I told her that you want your properties looking less valuable to the tax assessor unless you want to sell. Since she doesn’t want to live in Springfield or Neosho where they are trying to get her business acumen and work half as hard to get twice as much, living in a $120,000 house with a $75,000 assessment is the best thing possible. She tried to work with the the thieving TIF district which lost its relevance after the People of Granby bought the Styrons a $250,000 metal building to lease to the Dollar General Stores corporation but they would have nothing of working with her to rehabilitate Granby’s rotting and decaying heritage of the brick buildings built when Granby was relevant around the turn of the last century. All the TIF district is used for is as a slush fund for the City Council — it should have been dissolved long ago to pay for five daze instead of four days per week of the day-care which passes for modern education by the East Newton School District. So she asked to remove her ten or eleven properties out of the TIF district and was ambushed by the City Council at the demand of the new TIF board chairman — who moved his feed store over to Neosho. Thankfully the TIF district ends and maybe they will fix the T.Rampage Gamble exercise gym, er, Granby Community Building built in 1934 by Feather-Duster Rosenfelt’s New Deal WPA works department. In short, it can be cheap to live in Granby but one should never buy the lie that the City Hall peddles that if only Granby residents will vote in higher taxes and thus provide the tax capital then Granby City Hall will use the money wisely to help pull Granby up by its own bootstraps.

Problem is that the thieving Granby City Council keeps on stealing the bootstraps. As a result Granby has the highest sales-tax levy in Newton County of 7.93 percent rounded up to 8 percent. Which is why I go to the Dollar General Store in Granby, buy whatever I need for a dollar or so and get a printed receipt offering twice a month of five dollars off a $25 purchase. Then on Saturday I go to the new Dollar General Store just off Mo 59 & US 60 on the south side of Neosho which is 100 foot outside the Neosho City Limits and pay a total tax of 1.78 percent or one-fourth the Granby rate.

So the current delusions of Granby City Hall is that from a tax base of oldsters — the kind most vulnerable to Covid-ZOGvirus-19 — the crackheads, and child molesters and what few working-age adults working in Neosho are left now that utility rates are higher than in Granby that they are going to build mini-Neosho, mini-Monett, mini-Carthage, or even mini-Joplin. Not going to happen, as I asked Randy Turner using my Swillis-Gumpff-Turner persona, how are you going to keep them down on the sheep farm once they’ve seen Gay Jewplin? In fact their delusions can be seen by singing the Jefferson Starship song from back in 1986 — before they got the sewer put in — We Built This City.

We built this City,
bum, bum,
We Built this City,
bum, bum,
We built this City . . .
On Crackheads & Chomos . . .

Once you get this in your head I defy you to leave it.

Anyways, between the Boomers dying of old age, and Covid-ZOGvirus 19 there are going to be plenty of properties available all over and at a lot more upscale than Granby as people can’t pay their taxes or rent elsewhere back in places that there used to be jobs. There isn’t going to be any new houses built. In fact, last year in showing a friend from Chicago eastern Newton County towards Monett I was struck at how many McMansions were springing up outside the city limits as the prosperty then meant that no one wanted to live in town with all manner of silly people making up silly rules not applicable to themselves. There are not going to be built any Schubert-Mitchell $250,000 McMansions built in Granby as Granby is not Carl Junction or Webb City, former working-class neighborhoods which did fix themselves to where they are tony neighborhoods. Rather, Granby will go the route of dying towns everywhere where they will harass normal people with all manner of rules not applicable to the local power structure. After all, just everyone cannot put in a mobile home, much less a single-wide or used double-wide unless you are a council-criminal’s daughter in which they will hold an “emergency” meeting and ignore their own laws with the connivance of the Granby police and city attorney and make a “special case” applicable to themselves. Plus they will arrest me for protesting their hypocrisy and lawlessness.

Speaking of which, the City Council-Critters decided to take advantage of the pandemic in order to keep me from being there to ridicule them so they were emitting gaseous delusions of grandeur (and of adequacy) and getting high from their own flatulence. They delusionally yapped about having a “discussion” in which no-one not a council-criminal or city ‘worker’ or presstitute lackey or policeman was allowed to attend less than a week before the State of Missery Emergency was lifted. They presumed & pretended to “Plan the Future of Granby” when there wouldn’t be anyone to provide any such “discussion.” Most of the time, like at the March 10, 2020 City Council meeting, I was threatened with arrest by Granby police chief Jacob Kelley for moving my $130 Sony digital camera behind his police tape. I protested, saying that their Flint Enterprises $4944 4K[ickback] camera got five feet behind the tape and never recorded audio and that the police tape should be moved back three feet at least. Kelley said that he would arrest me and turn off my camera if I didn’t move it before his precious police line which he got to set according to his whim. So I moved it before his police line with a surly comment about how the English treated the Irish as they deserved.

In short, Granby City Council-Criminal stupidity and criminality is a feature, not a bug. I used to have more productive meetings when playing spades or hearts at the Fulton State NutHouse with three schidzos of whom at least two of them any given time had their noses up in the air to where if it had rained inside they would have drowned as they listened to their “angels” / inner -demons as the voices in theys’ heads. These local politicians are delusional and/or criminally insane and drunk on power and belong in jail, not City Hall.

The $4,944 Flint Enterprises 4K[ickback] system that they purchased no-bid has 3 percent dynamic range if that so you can’t understand what was said. I downloaded the Facebook video feed. You have to use video auditing software in order to boost the dynamic audio range and my Windows 7 Movie-Maker software is not up to the job. One of these days I might edit in some sub-titles. But what I did listen to upon boosting the dynamic range 400% was pretty boring and idiotic. It reminds me of last year when at a TIF meeting Ira Hawkins proposed finding out ways to get multi-millionares and billionares to move to Granby and put up McMansions. Well, at least it is a preview of the upcoming #SenileJoe Biden Administration.

The State of Missouri has already cut $275 million out of the 2021 state budget, Lazy Boy and Leggit & Platt laid off most of their workforce, and only an idiot would build anything new in Granby. There is not going to be any municipal sewer bonds sold and municipal court is now closed until June 11th. City Hall isn’t going to get any new spending increases and certainly not from strapped people looking to decrease their taxation, not raise it by 10-25% through annexation by Granby City Hall. I don’t know how many people have told me at the grocery store or restaurant how proud they are that they don’t live in the Granby city limits. In fact, practically none of the Granby City Hall employees live within the City limits although while not giving in they are taking plenty out.

The City police force, now that it has better things to do than to arrest me for making fun of the Council-criminals, should be concentrated in preventing looting when things get worse. The courts both state and federal and local are shut down and there is a second wave coming of the mutated virus in October that will be far more deadly. Right now we got some people who are breaking in with impunity because the jails and prisons are releasing them because being locked up during a pandemic is a death sentence.

In short, there will be far more strains but far less resources to handle the crunch as it falls upon the City of Granby municipal corporation. The City Clerk — the she-Mayoress — is running things by default while she cannot even run a feed store. The City Hall is dreaming of expansion while the rest of the county, state and national economies are collapsing. It is indicative that while they spent $4,944 on a no-bid 4K video-camera system to favored vendors that they should have bought a $30 Logitech web camera or $200 Sony digital hand-held camera for recording their meetings all along. They knew of those failures for the past few years, but favored that because they don’t want to leave a record of their corruption and stupidity. I asked for and paid for the video of 10 August 2019 secret meeting to put the sewer bond on the ballot and there was no audio. They refuse to spend $20,000 for a real audit by the State Auditor in favor of $15,000 Dog&Pony Shoah Audits by favored audit companies which will provide them with a “confidential management letter/codicil” no available to myself of the public for the past four years. During the recovery from the Great Recession they spent everything they had, raised utility rates to where it is more expensive to live in Granby, leaving nothing for the Greatest Terminal Depression which is upon us and bids fair to be worse than previous depressions.

But then again, in closing you Citizens of Granby have voted for this the past six years and so like the past city councilmen perhaps it is what you deserve. But the chickens are coming home to roost.

A Last Word on the Subject

It looks like my commentary has been deleted. Not to worry as I have it saved on my I do not post after 10:00pm. I can well imagine the complaints to Jeremy about my observations. So since I don’t want to get banned again by popular demand I’ll desist for now in stating the obvious, viz:

A lot of people living in Granby will be cut off from city utilities altogether as they won’t have the income to make payments they used to have to struggle to meet.

In seeking to live there might well be a number of options taken by desperate people to survive resulting in bad consequences arising from having no water, sewer, gas or sanitation.

There was $177,000 of their money which will not be used for their relief because it was deliberately spent on something else.

Mayor Ira Hawkins and the Granby City Council are responsible for their spending decisions and how they went about it.

Reggie Bard will be no source of reform if or when she gets elected.

We will see what happens, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be a surprise.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; for Granby Shall NOT Prosper

We’ve had this debate as to why evildoers do evil things, especially when they get any authority. Someone like Ira Hawkins and the City Council say they are going to somehow “help” out a bit maybe. The TIF after it fulfilled its purpose in buying the Styrons a new $250,000 metal building was applied to them as a slush fund. You applied to get your family buildings out of the TIF district as did I. I even gave them a stamped self-addressed envelope so that they could obey the law. And regardless they still refused to obey the law and our property taxes went to the TIF slush fund for 2019. On March 10, 2020 they passed a “resolution” so that the Styrons could cash out in advance of 2032 for selling their old building for the ‘new’ police station. There is $177,000 in excessive meter fees which were applied to benefit the Styrons and I hear of no intention to ever roll back the meter fees to even $10 per month.

The sewer bond issue is a dead issue because everyone is buying T-bills while the printing presses run. Remember all the times since the Nov. 2019 [s]election when you pointed out to me that probably not one sewer leak has been fixed. Nor was it. It was simply a scam so that Allieger-Martin could get $830,000 to spread out in kickbacks to the passing parties in the Granby City Hall while the sewer users got their sewer bills to go up a minimum of 26 per month. Now half the population of Granby don’t have the extra $26 or the average of $30 water bill plus the $40 for the sewer under the old rate. What is going to happen is that the smarter will simply let the utilities be shut off, catch their rainwater, flush their tolets and do the wash with that rainwater — since the city workers won’t dig to fix leaks they sure won’t dig up the sewers for non-payment, drink bottled water and cook with bottled gas and just dump their trash. The end result will be the collapse of the City utilities. As with the trash service what needs to be done with the water and sewer is to sell them to Missouri American Water Service and the gas service to some private company and simply charge a franchise fee of a couple of dollars per month going to the municipality. T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins fired Paula Corsel because she would do the book-keeping to their liking, yet Lawna Price not only doesn’t do the book-keeping but not even the billing yet she is the “She-Mayoress.”

This Corvid-BoomerRemover biowarred virus will cum back in the fall. This bioweapon has been engineered so that even if you get it this spring chances are you have no immunity when like the Spanish Flu of 1917-1918 it becomes even more deadly in the 1918-1919 season. It spreads and is infectious between cats and likely dogs. So no real vaccine is possible. My latest puppy was vaccinated for ‘Coronavirus’ on March 3, 2020. It hasn’t affected Newton County just yet because the temperatures are headed to over 80 degrees. And the population is such that while Asians are five times as likely to get it as whites, so too are the Africans and Hispanics four times to get it than whites, which is why New York City, New Jersey, Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle got it worst and the death rates are higher. But when the flu season returns in the fall, it will have more impoverished ZOGlings without much in the way of resistance or the means to buy their way from exposure.

So how does this affect Granby? Granby used to be the cheapest place to live. Thanks to T-Rampage and Ira Hawkins that is not the case any more. In fact it is cheaper to live in Neosho and Monett and where the jobs are. So what is left are the elderly and the crackheads and chomos and on the down and out. We already have had the expected Financial Collapse. Now we have the ongoing Commercial Collapse as small businesses fold and even the larger like La-z-Boy and Legitt and Platt lay off everyone. Soon, very very soon we shall have Government Collapse as states and counties and municipalities are spending and no one is able to pay taxes because they must spend for the lives of their own families. No one will want to raise their sales taxes or property taxes. The half-cent sales tax for Newton County is dead — who wants to pay the sheriff to evict them for non-payment of property taxes?  Probably the one-eighth sales tax for the cemetery — let the dead bury the dead as Christ counselled. The scheme to tear down old buildings is probably going to be put on hold as soon, very very soon a lot of old people will die off and like me buying a bunch of old houses because nobody wanted to live in Granby during the 80s and 90s there won’t be the money or point in doing so. As you pointed out yourself to me, it makes no economic sense to build anything new or elaborate in Granby.

The $177,000 dollar payoff to the Styrons needs to be set aside.  The People of Granby bought them a new commercial building — they need to turn in their old building in return. The sewer bond issue is defunct for now — it needs to be revoted on and set aside permanently. The gas meter fees need to be rolled back. The City Clerk, City Public Works Director, and Granby Police Chief need to be fired and replaced with far more modest and hardworking employees who understand that they work for the People of Granby — NOT the crooked and inept City Hall reptiles. There should be a place at the City Park where the poor can fill up 5 gallon jugs for drinking water. There should be a place for public dissent at City Council Meetings as opposed to being threatened with arrest and actually jailed for doing so. The municipal court should be abolished as municipal ordinances are voided and law enforcement except for a city marshall and night watchman reverts back to the County like pre-1994 Granby.  

Face it, the decline of Granby has been mandated through City Hall. But the People of Granby told to “pull theysselfs up by theys’ own bootstraps” have foolishly voted in the highest sales taxes in Newton County. They don’t seem to realize that it is austerity which makes for efficiency. When you are in a hole, stop digging. When you are in quicksand, stop strugging and start floating your way to the top.

Such is my vision of what Granby needs to survive. Everything set aside which has been killing us. But first we need to understand the problems and understanding that the problems were caused by problem people who are not that way because of ignorance but because they are evil. Evil comes from evil trees, cf. Matt 7:15-20

15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

Matt 7:15-20

No Jaimie/PollyAnna. Ira Hawkins is a bad corrupt tree which yields bad corrupt fruit. How could it be any different? Like Eve you believe Serpents selling you some rotten bad fruit and if you eat of it, like both myself and YHWH warns, you shall surely (no, not Shirley but Jaimie) die — as will Granby from enough bad debt and worse policies.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;

Isaiah 10:1

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN
Candidate on Granby Ballot South Ward City Council & East Newton R-6 School Board

Reopen the Newton County R-6 School District on 29 April 2020

I predicted that East Newton R-6 would close down the schools a few days before they did close.The purpose of the closure was to give the oldsters time to self-quarantine at the end of flu season. But now it is three weeks later and those who were wise acted accordingly to the signs of the times. The foolish, poor and desperate had no choice other than business as usual.

I am not going to predict anything such as the good sense in opening up the businesses and the schools, but as a candidate on the ballot for East Newton School Board R-6 and a write-in candidate for the Nationalist Party for Governor of Missouri I recommend that schools and businesses re-open and that those at risk for dying or serious injury from this bio-warred influenza/SARS-2/Boomer Remover virus self-quarantine themselves.

I recommend leaving it up to the parents to decide whether thay want their children to attend school. The purpose for attending will be to learn or for purpose of child-care and feeding the district school children. Nor does this opening have to be for the entire grade but for as many days as the parents want to bring them to school. The children should be assigned a laptop or tablet and have a cell-phone hotspot connection. Let’s also understand that things will never go back to Pre-Collapse “Normal” and in order to transition to the new ways / really old ways then changes in education and taxation will just happen to follow.

The virus is particularly striking the big cities. I don’t see any virtue in self-jailing myself but do wear one of Jaimie Arnall’s cloth masks because I don’t want to give it to Roxie.

You want to get this virus after temperatures reach 80 degrees so that you will have some limited immunity for the Second Wave of this flu when it re-arises come September-October. The first Midwest communities which understand the panic-pandemic and learn to live with it will be the first to recover from what is a long-term situation as polio and smallpox were not eradicated except in better times and it took 30 years to do so. Tuberculosis we will have with us always. I like what is happening to the Blue Zones but see no point in following their collapses of finance and public order here in Newton County.

I know that most people think I’m a maniac. Well, maybe so. But those in this East Newton R-6 School District needs a fore-sighted far-seeing thoughtful maniac that will think outside of the box with the other members doing business as usual in these rapidly unusual times.