No telling what useful godly purposes it will be put to when fixed up right !!!???

Cums with a functioning first-pull 1991 powerful 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. But it needs a new set of blades which costs $38 and can be installed for $20. I took the first $50 out of the Aryan Nations domestic terrorism action fund, but would appreciate your anonymous funding care of The YHWH White Supremacy Poverty Law Center where we combat the Ashkenazi Defecation League, The $outhern Poverty Law Center and Bryan Reo’s Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center (ZPLC) in the form of Walmart Gift cards or simple money orders in a fake name mailed out of a big city post office.

So send jewr ZOGbux today to:

YHWH Poverty [F]Law Center

Attn: White Army Faction of the Army of Aryan Christian Israel Action Wish List

P.O. Box 666

Granby Missouri 64844

If you want to go all pussazoid about it then address it to me, Pastor Martin Lindstedt, and say that it is a Political Action Fund for whatever it is that I’m running this year @ P.O. Box 666 and best still don’t leave jewr name and real address. I’m NOT someone who you wish to list on a resume.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Former [S]elected Granby South Ward Council-Critter (never seated) 2020-2022

Candidate for Governor of Missouri or for very last Prez-o-dint of the jewnited $nakes of ZOGmurriKwa

We (Re)Bill’t This Shitty (On Inbred Tards)

Jamie Conway
July 14 2023 10pm

I see good people working very hard to take a step or two forward, while I watch others push them down and tear their accomplishments to shreds. It’s truly a disappointment at times. Keep on fighting the good fight friends, as long as there is hope the enemy will not win.

Then some nigger pieties from a nigger baal-priest race-hustler designed to pry apart a whiggress’ legs

The term “Move Forward” should be ASS-o-ciated with a shitting dog who does its business in your yard in order to get away from the flea eggs about to hatch in itz own shit. Same thing with these idiot crooked Granby council-criminals who rack up millions in debt simply because they didn’t want to make Jim Channel maintain the water and sewer lines. And because they want to make Granby Inbred Tards of geezers, chomos, & crackheads pay for theys’ stupid projects while they collect the bills for the next 30-40 years until they roll it over forever.

There are some of us who own old houses in Granby who don’t want to drink sewage and sulphur water no matter how filtered and have a $300-400 a month Granby utility bill for the next 40 years. We would rather pay $125 a month for a Public-Service regulated utility with nothing to do with the Granby City Council-Criminals and theys’ favorites or animal Granby Piglice Department or simply collect rainwater to do the laundry, flush the toilets and drink bottled water.

Now some of us want to deal with our own shit or to make Granby employees work or simply live inexpensively and not “move forward” over the nearest financial cliff. Call us “Reactionaries” or simply “ungovernable” by the likes of Granby city council-criminals and theys’ animal Piglice Department. In fact, none of us want to make Barry Flint richer and some of us want to shoot these idiots. Make of it what you [s]will.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

(S)Elected Granby South Ward City-Council 2020-22

Candidate for Prez-o-dint of the ZOGland or Governor of Missouri

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Mad Dog Musings_14July 2023_The Dying ZOGtard Town

For the past 13 years since 7 Feb 2010 Pastor Lindstedt has been doing a Talksjew Podcast at least once a week whenever not censored. Now weekends Pastor Lindstedt does a “The Dying ZOG” with Fatkike who is a wizard of Talksjew and makes his own secret archive once or twice a week.

But The Dying ZOG on the Fatkike Talksjew Channel involves current events while ZOG/Babylon is dying, is falling, has fallen and can’t get up.

After the first few minutes of kvetching by Fatkike the nearly full video memory is activated with having to charge up the cell-phone. This is Part 1.

First up is a lament about how even at the Granby Council-Critter level the new mayor is going to do the same shit as the old mayor Crooked Ira, but full speed ahead with the stupid shit like digging in another storm-water sewage lagoon for treatment of rainwater for $4.4 million which was a dead letter under Crooked Ira Hawkins. Jamie Arnall-Conway wants to go fool speed ahead and jump the tracks and over a cliff because the Crooked Ira [mal]administration signed an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources back in 2015 and now that all of them are gone Granby just needs to be saddled with theys’ corrupt stupidity, because . . . Crooked Ira was stupid and lazy. Jamie is foolish and energetic, thus stupid shit will be done quick. Put jewr trust not in princes — or council-critters.

Went to Neosho earlier Friday. Bought the Aryan Nations its first wood-chipper. So send ZOGbux.

Robert Bowers earned eligibility for the death penalty. Bowers is an Aryan Christian Israelite POW.

Bryan Reo/Ol’ Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor is trying to overturn the 6th Circuit Kort of Appeals 8 Dec. 2022 decision by bitching up a ton of Motions to Magistrate Thomas Parker of the Northern District of Ohio federal district kort. So how well will a White Supremacist do against a nigger-jew mamzer faggot ZOGbot in a ZOG kort. Probably none too well but I’ll keep on fighting. Today I mailed off another mailing to the Northern Ohio federal district court. Since tonight is the evening of 30 June thus the end of the quarter I’ll look things up on PACER.


Read a letter from Attorney Robert Konrad about taking another rental payment from myself and giving it to Bryan Reo.

The jewkrainians are losing to the Russians but to make a new Khazaristani homeland is worth it to jews who will fight to the very last jewkrainian.

Bryan Reo is still after me and wants to risk chernobyling the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant by yet another bogus civil-lawfare lawsuit out of Lake County. I got two certified letters to pick up someday.

Pighook the Mother-killer wants to call in and bother me about hiring a lawyer. Time to save what I got and plus in the cell-phone.

A 36 minutes of psychotic raving video on Part 1 of this Eppysode of The Dying ZOG.
So have fun playing this on your cumputer or tablet with the earphones or earbuds plugged in because this white supremacist video porn should be shared only with those who think like yourselfs.

Hail Victory !!!

Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

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