Will the Current East Newton School Board Close the School on Tuesday because of the Corvid-19 “Boomer Removal” Virus?

Whenever this Corvid PLA/CIA “Boomer Removal” Virus hits like in the case of the Seattle nursing home outbreak they find out that it was dormant for a month to six weeks. So likely it is already in Granby. There won’t be classes Monday because the district can’t afford a five-day week partly because the funding is wasted on a TIF fund which is used as a slush fund for the Granby City Council.

Tuesday starts “Spring Break” in most locations. I’m running dead last for Skrule Bored but I predict the following:

The governor declared a state of emergency Friday March 13th but gave the option of local school boards having the option to close. The Missouri Department of Aging closed to visitation all the nursing homes unless it is a dying time for those resident. This virus will kill at least half of them when it infects the residents, but then again the average stay in a nursing home is six months or less under normal circumstances.

The colleges and universities are closing and going on-line. So are most of the sporting events. Did anyone see the madhouse at Walmart Friday? Had more cars than Black Friday. Reminds me of the panic I seen on 9-11 at the Fast-Trip and Six-Ten as people figured out that the government wasn’t going to save them back nearly 20 years ago. Anyways,

Now the school-age children have adequate lung capacity per body weight, and are in the best health that they will ever be in. They are what you call “a-symptomatic carriers” like Typhoid Mary. They can come down with it and be sick a little bit or be totally a-symptomatic. They will of course carry the virus home with them and kill off their grandparents and some single-mom parents. All of this is understood but the governor, a weak and corrupt man decided to shove the decision onto the local Skrule Boreds. (A former Polk County sheriff Parsons listened but never did weigh in when I instigated a debate between two candidates for Newton County Sheriff back in 2016 as to whether it was better to taser or just go ahead and shoot handcuffed prisoners. Such is the professionalism of Missouri “law enforcement”.)

So, Monday is “No Skrule” at what I call “The Whigger Factory” in which children are turned into consuming producing animals because the East Newton Skrule Bored hasn’t the money to go five daze a weak. They let the Granby TIF district take out the funding so that the Granby City Council can have a slush fund to suppliment the ailing general fund and to buy the Styrons a new metal building to rent the Dollar General Store and to sell the old store for a “new” police station and have the natural gas users pay for it. Greater love hath no Granbyites that they will believe this crap about taxing their way to prosperity so they gave up $500,000 in taxes for the love of connected insiders, says so in the Bible or somethang like that.

So Tuesday cums and that raises the question of what next? I predict that they will have Spring Break because they will be told that if Junior goes to skrule he will take the “Boomer Removal Virus” to Granny and Gramps & they’ll be Raptured to Cloud 666 or to that Big Walmart in the Sky (or Underneath). By the time Spring Break arrives the “Boomer Removal” Virus will have an “Oafishul Outbreak” in Granby, the stock market will be down to 12000 (or less), Senile Joe Biben will croak after naming Michelle Obama as his running [pri]mate and Granby might consider roadblocks to traffic coming in on US 60 and E & B highways. Just saying.

( I did ask Jacob Kelley what the governor told him along with Jim Channel and the She-Mayoress the City Clerk, but have had no response as yet and expect none.)

The smarter solution will be to keep the teachers teaching by having them come to the school and divide the students into quarters with them having furnished computers or tablets with an wi-fi hotspot to do their lessons with. As always the smarter students will learn regardless of inputs while the idiots will learn nothing useful. The public school system is a failure and with increased poverty shall come decreased funding to pay for these failures.

The public school system has largely been a failure because it costs so much and does so little insofar as raising a responsible younger generation. Most of the local property taxes go to the school, it doesn’t really teach most of the younger generation much of anything worth learning but in fact is used as a sort of day-care for forcing their parents to have to both work in order to live a poor life style. As this virus — which will not go away — runs its course the limitations of the current educational system shall become obvious in that those who don’t work hard while confined at home until the older weaker generation dies off won’t work hard to learn anything while at home or bussed to school. So if the level of ignorance remains the same whether the kids go to school or not, then what reason to keep on paying high taxes to maintain a failed system? Teacher’s pensions which failed during the financial collapse as their 401(k) plans becum 101(k)s then None-Oh-One k’s?

A bunch of the old and sick will die off because of this bio-warred virus but the question is whether the schools will reopen. Probably, at least for a little while.

I am of course running for skrule bored but cannot get an interview since telling the lie-paper that my solution if elected would be to mandate weekly head-lice and green-card inspections. That and I freaked them out at a candidates meeting a few years ago. However given that there is a current crisis as things are falling apart you need to vote for a candidate that thinks outside the box and break the glass and pull out the fire axe.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Candidate for East Newton R-6 School Board