Mad Dog Musings 26 Feb 2023 — Granby Water Scheme Commentary & Why You Should Vote “NO” on the $11 Million Bond

Vote NO on the Granby council-critters’ $11 million racketeering schemes

In this 12 minute video Pastor Martin Lindstedt discusses why the Granby City Council refuses to allow public service water companies go before the Granby voters to discuss simply selling the Granby water and sewer operations that they have allowed to disintegrate over the past 30 years under the malign neglect by Jim Channel, preferring rather to hire a contractor who will give them kickbacks.

In fact the gas system should be sold as well, with the meter fee rolled back from $17.50 per month used as a slush fund to hire animal Granby Piglice to act as a private paramilitary for theys’ racketeering schemes.

As a candidate for municipal judge I favor simply letting the serious crimes which are violations of state law go back to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department as we must pay property and sales taxes already and having municipal ordinances which Mayor Crooked Ira and the council-criminals won’t obey theysselfs. A satellite station for Eastern Newton County should be established in Granby and if Granby voters want additional police not simply the pigs run by council-criminals and Barry Flint for purposes of racketeering then the elected office of City Marshall and Night Watchman can be re-established to where they cruise the streets at night cutting down on the crackhead thievery with a cell-phone on quick dial to the satellite Newton County Sheriff’s Office for serious crimes.

So the Granby council-criminals don’t want fresh water and safe sewers. Rather they want to run — further into the ground — essential utilities from which they can derive profit from Granby citizens charging all the market will bear as the bond plus interest goes from $15 million to $20-30 million enriching bond merchants and banksters and letting the new system degrade.

Whereas if it is simply sold to a state-regulated public service utility they can first of all reduce the amount of water leakage and then make improvements. In fact, I would prefer to give the Granby water and sewer systems to Liberty Utilities, not leaving any stray money for the Council-Criminals to steal and make as a sale price that they in perpetuity allot special low water and sewer rates to Granby citizens who are elderly and on fixed incomes. Thus the People of Granby will have lower water and sewer rates, no massive debt, and depriving witless idiotic Granby council-criminals of any money to be used to benefit theys’ racketeering and special schemes.

What is damning is that these Granby city council-critters absolutely refuse to invite and allow a public utility water company to make their own proposals.

Vote “NO” on Granby City council-criminals wanting to keep stealing from the People of Granby and at the very least putting you in debt for $11 million to $20-30 million for the next 30+ years when all along Granby People can have cheaper fresh water and safe maintained sewers without ANY debt and not having to go to Granby City Hall for anything. Just pay $50 or less along with the electric bill as opposed to $120 minimum for Granby City Council-Criminals trying to get some “free money” from the State.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

Granby Council-Critter Meating 16 Feb. 2023 @ 6pm

They didn’t have a quorum on Tuesday so they will try again Thursday.

None of them have a clue as how to proceed on a working water and sewer system other than begging the voters to bail them out with $15 million in bond issues which will become $20 million + after they steal the grants and r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. elsewhere leaving Granby People with the debt and blighted properties with $200 + per month water bills as people build outside Granby.

By the way, Barry Flint is back on his police board picking the dregs of the police for Flintville-Granby to run wild. Just like the collapse of the water and sewer system cleared the path to simply selling it to the electric company and getting a working water & sewer system, the resignations and firings in the Granby Police Department and municipal kort have justified simply letting it go back to the county so that people can put what kind of housing they want on their own property and negated zoning through deceit.

The Granby City crookedness and tax wastage is simply going to put an end to business as usual. As long as a majority of Granby voters simply vote “no” on rate and bond increases, make city utilities sold to those who know how to run them efficiently, and simply make it impossible for Crooked Ira and Greedy Barry to use tax funds and police then Granby can get back to being a hardbitten Mayberry as opposed to “Christian Scumbag” Gomorrah.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Reform Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge