KSNTV16 10Jan23 10pm – Granby Council Critters Vote for $11million rate increase on water rates

Video by KSN-TV16. Commentary by Pastor Mad-Dog Martin Lindstedt

KSN TV-16 The NBC affiliate out of Pittsburg Kansas was interested in finding out why Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley after 8 1/2 years in Granby done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. back to Norwood Missouri back to whence he cum and what Granby will do for a piglice chief to keep Barry Flint and Crooked Ira’s racketeering scam going.

But instead the Granby Council-Criminals decided to stick Granby utility rate payers with a $11 million + interest rate increase instead of simply selling the sewer and water departments to a Liberty Utilities state-regulated company and do without the $11 + 3.4 million in debt for the next 30 years.

Jim Channel, the supposed Granby pub[l]ic works directard was there, playing on his cell phone but for once not looking at porn or trolling for “swingers” on Adult Friend Finder. Jim Channel is the bond salesman’s chief customer because Jim Channel refuses to maintain the water and sewer pipes — and the Granby Council-Critters let Jim Channel goof off.

Mayor “Crooked Ira” Hawkins was South Ward City Council-Criminal back in 2015 when the bill was $970,000. Now it is $11 million. Crooked Ira is part of the “Christian Scumbag” political ring and a Baal-Priest in good standing Under Satan’s Administration. USA! USA!

The Kansas City bond salesman and “Granby Municipal Advisor” four years ago had to live off of $660,000 bond debt. Now it is $3.2 million for digging two sewage pools from 2019 and $11 million if Granby tards vote in the $11 million. He is right about Granby residents — including myself — wanting clean drinking water and safe sewers. However most of us have given up on getting anything but corruption and debt from Granby Council-Criminals.

The Granby City Council-Critters, knowing that they have to raise water & sewer rates by 100% in order to get “free money” in the form of grants and loan forgiveness, but they want Granby Inbred Tards to vote in another $11 million in debt which will have to be repaid someday for the next 30 years. So they voted down a 2% increase in scheduled water and sewer and gas rates. After the water bond passes, time for collecting both the 2% and the 98% increase in utilities from the Granby Inbred Tards.

The KSN-TV16 reporter filmed 15 minutes of footage. I talked to him about the crookedness. By the time the video-editing was done it was all of 1 minute long.

Every single one of my hovels has a water and sewer coonection even though only one house is barely habitable. I’d just as soon pay half or less for drinking water with the sewage and sulphur filtered out by the electric company and not reward the same corrupt degenerate idiots who by their laziness and stupidity created the current mess Granby is in today.

Vote NO on this $11 million bond issue and let’s let it be fixed for less thsn half the utility rates by someone whose business is running a public utility regulated by the State of Missouri.

The entire video is from KSN TV-16 from 10 January 2023 @ 10pm. The “subtitle commentary” is entirely my own.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

Mad Dog Musings 26Dec22 — Anderson Engineering 2-page Granby Water Survey Summary 2022


In this video concerning the 4pm 27 Dec. 2022 Granby City Council Meeting the Granby City Council will try to justify putting a water bond on the April Municipal election on the ballot. They refuse to coonsider the only other real option of simply selling the Granby water and sewer system to Liberty Utilities and getting safe sewers and cleaner water for a combined bill of $40 per month tacked on to the electric bill. Rather they want to convince the People of Granby to accept an average $57 water and $57+ sewer bill and have a $120 per month combined sewer and water bill in order to try to get “free” grant money. The option of fixing the water and sewer pipes by having Jim Channel do it is laughable. Jim Channel is the main reason Granby sewer & water is failing.

Back in 2013-14 when a previous water survey was published, asking for $970,000 to build Water Tower 3 and fix the water pipes the water leakage was 62%. Mayor Richard Eustler gave Jim Channel permission to clamp the leaks once per every 12 feet. Now in 2022 when Jim Channel has 10 clamps per dozen feet the leakage is 67% meaning that 2/3 of the water pumped goes right back into the ground to further pollute the Granby aquifer with pollutants and sewage from the numerous mineshafts which is why Granby water tastes of sulphur and sewage. Jim Channel routinely lies about how fixing these decayed water pipes 100 ft. at a time means MORE leakage from both ends as opposed to 40 or more leaks from these rotten pipes. Give Jim Channel a chance to jack off once per dozen feet means jim Channel will jack off 666 times in a 100 feet on his cell phone.

What Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins and most of the Granby City Council-Critters want is to use Granby Utilities to act as a slush fund for their Police State Projects and to collect kickbacks during construction and like has been done time and again to move out of Granby with the loot, leaving Granby rate-payers with millions in debt for the next 30-40 years. This proposed water system will cost from $4.6 to $6.5 million and leave it in the paws & hoofs of the very same people who let the present water and sewer system decay. Drinking a Granby cocktail of sulphur & sewage even from a new straw is no advantage given how well Granby handled the old straw.

Even trying to get “free money” means a minimum $120 combined sewer & water bill per month and 30 years of debt. There is no guarantee of any grants, given that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins and Fattt Lawna the City Clerk & She-Mayoress have a history of not posting the public commentary public notices on the bulletin board until a month AFTER the public comment period is over. And the fact that Crooked Ira, Baal Shittrell, and sometimes Doreen Clause and Gomer-Goober Carrell allow for the Granby Police to arrest myself during public meetings under color of Municipal Ordinance #815 for my criticism of them and theys’ schemes. Granby is run as a racketeering scheme with the same legal basis as Gomorrah. And thus, like the storm water sewer scheme, if they do get a grant it will be for only $750,000 and only because it was the Missouri Department of Natural Resources who forced the issue. Paying $120 per month at the “free money” indoor gambling table for 40 years of debt is a suckers’ game when compared to simply paying $40 to the electric company and having a functioning water and sewer system regulated by the state, as opposed to Newton County and Missouri letting Crooked Ira and Barry Flint run wild because Granby is the dumping ground for SW Missouri. According to the “Christian Scumbag” Republicuck Faction — what goes on in Granby stays in Granby because there has to be some place somewhere to keep Inbred Jed sucking up lead and it might as well be Granby.

They don’t even have any plans to invite the Missouri American Water Company / Liberty Utilities to render their proposals before voting to bring this corrupt scheme for Granby People to vote on. Why not? How about simple old fashioned crookedness from a corrupt city council which has been present for the past 30 years and overpowering under the [mal]administrations of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins?

The only good thing I have to say about the Granby City Council is what I said over ten years ago: They have turned Granby into such a shithole that at least it keeps the blacks and latinos out and keeps Granby majority whigger Inbred Tard. Which is kind of the way I like it.

Time to curb a corrupt Granby City Council by a first step of removing their utilities stranglehold and selling them to private companies which have that as their business. Not petty power over others for its own sake.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Elected South Ward City Council 2020-22

Odysee video: https://odysee.com/@PastorLindstedt:f/Mad-Dog-Musings-26Dec22—-Anderson-Engineering-2-page-Granby-Water-Survey-Summary-2022-360p:8

Granby UnCensored gets censored again.


I recently reloaded the 20 June 2017 false arrest ordered by T-Rampageifer Gamble for asking why make new rules regarding small buildings when just a few weeks ago he and Crooked Ira allowed Senile Heifer Joyce Mann to buy and place a used double-wide in violation of theys’ own rules. The video showed that Granby Council-Criminals are corrupt and they hire crooked piglice to do theys’ [s]will. Just a recording of another day in Paradise in a shithole of ZOG/Babylon and its Mighty Evil Empire.

Of course someone probably in Granby who just loves crookedness went bitching to Fedbook and the post was removed as “spam.” I appealed the decision based upon something and was told that they didn’t have enough censorship tards because theys kind take the clot-shot and are all gonna die like sick pigs — which is good

What you got to understand is that all Social Media — Fedbook, jewggle, Twatter, even Gab is set up to spy on ZOGlings, just like they do in China and less so in Russia. The Boomer [de]generation are the only ones who watch the TalmudVsion or read lie-papers. The GenXers have been screwed since birth and the Millennial Boomer-Spawn and Zoomer GenX-spawn know that the System is out to screw then and have the attention span of a fly.

What I do is to make a video. Then upload it to a secret youtube account, have it compressed and then either post it to my blog or web page or blogs and then post it on Granby UnCensored so if it is censored, well I have plenty of other places.

It is possible, indeed probable that Granby UnCensored might disappear one of these daze. Such things happen, especially in this Late ZOG-Age Collapse. But if it happens it happens. Granby UnCensored and my granby-mo Blog will continue to speak out at least until the Late ZOG-Age Collapses.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-22

Write-In Candidate for U.S. Senate

See censored post on blog: 

Mayor T-Rampageifer Gamble has his pet pig Jacob arrest the Mad Dog who dared make fun.