Figures Don’t Lie But When Liars Figure

Jim Channel — Granby Pub[l]ic Works Directard — takes a few hours off from the Internuts to tell us how hard life is in Springfield Missouri

So Jim Channel, Directard of Granby Pub[l]ic Works posted this on GT&V at 2:30 pm as part of a “[non]-work break” from his “unoafishul” salaried job of $40,000 salary, the $30,000 or so digging graves on city time (getting $400 per grave while the Granby Memorial Cemetery only gets $100 while there is a property tax assessed against Granby residents) and whatever Channel can scam from kickbacks from contractors to tell us that the City of Springfield provides electricity to its utility customers.

Thus while a retired couple pays a base price of $25 for sewer and water, a family of four using all that — ELECTRICITY, water, sewer plus natural gas — pays an average of $187 per month which will rise to $225 next year. Well, back when me and Roxie used city utilities — an average of 1 cubic feet of water per month which becum 623 cubic feet within a week when I finally got Channel to disconnect — the price was just less than $70. The electric bill averaged $120 per month.

But the Granby average is around $100 for water, sewer and trash and $17.50 gas meter fee so that the Granby police station can be paid for to the Styron’s before 2032. Gotta love how this graft genius is able to compare the total cost of living in Springfield — including ELECTRICITY — to the decaying standards of Granby where there are no jobs.

I think we all should thank Jim Channel for taking a break from his Granby job of posting on Facebook & watching internet porn from his office at the Kenneth Channel Memorial TIF-funded $190,000 Pole Barn to tell us all that in addition to Springfield taking the best and brightest of our young people pursuing economic opportunity that they can get low-priced electricity as part of Springfield utilities. I don’t know what the Springfield Public Works Director is doing right now — I’m not on Springfield’s Thots & Views — but I’m sure that he is doing what Jim Channel isn’t, like taking care of his cities’ public works.

A Springfield Enabler Urges Granby People to “Move Forward” Towards Their Own-Goal New Dark Age

But we have local enablers as well . . .

“The idea was and still is to help Granby grow. All of the negative backbiting help nothing. Like the animal shelter, I volunteered help build it. As well as others. How could start helping one another for a greater good.”

Looking at your profile it says you live in Springfield Missouri where the average cost of water and sewer is $25 for a two-person household. Here in Granby the same price is $70 rising to $100 average. The end result is that Granby is the “welfare town” and dumping ground for Newton County and the rest of Southwestern Missouri as the welfare pays for their Section 8 housing and thus the city utilities. From the time of T-Rampage Gamble six years ago there has been a steady increase in the cost of city utilities — natural gas, water and sewer — while none of them have been repaired or invested in to any meaningful degree. The end result is that Granby’s sole advantage of cheap living has dissipated making it better for the working middle class to move to Neosho, Carthage, Joplin and Monett where there are jobs.

The only advantage remaining in Granby is that property values are low because Granby’s decaying old sub-standard housing is so cheap. No one intelligent or sane is going to build a Schubert-Mitchell $250,000 McMansion in Granby. Just outside Granby where things are unincorporated, sure. But not in Granby. Thus Granby has become trapped in a vicious cycle in which the elderly and the poor and child molesters and crackheads live — often without any city utilities — because they have no place else to go.

All because the corrupt Granby City Council especially under the corrupt mismanagemen of T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins has brought in an especially corrupt Granby Police State which arrests dissenters, and negates elections with the assistance of the state authorities.

What you call “back-biting” is merely bringing these matters out into the open.

This Granby dog-pound thievery is merely the latest in an effort to simply loot the very little last bit from Granby people wanting something nice, like a cemetery for their dead and a pound for their stray dogs. The understanding was that this woman who really cared about stray dogs would raise private funds to create a new dog pound and that the Granby police would round up the strays and take them to her private facility as opposed to the old decayed Granby pound. No tax funds would be spent in setting up a facility or upkeeping the dogs.

Instead Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel put Granby tax funds into play so that they could steal the private funds raised and select a contractor who would like Allieger-Martin provide a kickback and raise the price of what was supposed to be a private-funded non-profit to take care of Granby stray dogs. This Granby dog-pound thievery is merely the latest in an effort to simply loot the very little last bit from Granby people wanting something nice, like a cemetery for their dead and a pound for their stray dogs.

Pretty much what the entire City Council wants to do is to benefit their families and friends, institute a Granby Police State to enforce onerous restrictions and ordinances — which they do not obey themselves — and to loot the remaining funds out of the tax trust funds, and to place millions in unpayable debts, get the kickbacks from the contractors, and then r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida or Carthage or McDonald County like has happened the past year and leave Granby tax & utility payers with the mess.

Since you don’t live here I fail to see why you want to give moral absolution to corrupt City government, unless you somehow benefit from the thievery. In the past six years I’ve been told since Day One of the T-Rampage Gamble [mal]Adminstration — after the drunken whining about how what in retrospect seems to be a “Golden [M]A[n]GE” under Richard Eustler by T.-Rampageifer — that it is time to “move forward” to higher utility rates, unpayable debt, and false arrests and the shredding of the past 30 years of Granby City Hall history. Those who forget the past are most likely to repeat the past — but at a lower standard of living. I would not recommend that anyone put new funding or housing within Granby.

That said, unlike the worst of the Granby City thieves and their enablers I won’t ask that you be censored, just ignored or upon showing your true colors, understood.

Revenues From Whence Derived

It Always Comes Back to Granby City Hall Corruption

Jeremy Hopper facing criticism of allowing me to post on the only real Facebook source of genuine information concerning Granby doings, put me on mute for the night after Jim Channel, the Granby Public Works Director got some females — one the proud bearer of her sprog who was working really well for a contractor suspected of accessing Jim Channel for a paving contract — and those wymyn all screetched in unison and I was placed into Granby Thots & Views Purgatory for a short spell while the normal coonversation — about gelding stray tomcats and stray dogs — flourished without me for a bit.

Now let me assure the readers that like most normal Second-Wave Boomer White Men that I do love the girleys. Especially the fat ones. Every ol’ man wants to please his ol’ lady if it doesn’t put him out too much. But we also gain a resistance to nagging, unless you are a desperate thirsty “serial meercat” living in some nasty old skank’s burrow-furrow with only your witlessly bobbing head sticking out awaiting instruction, sort of like one of Box-Wine Wedgie Tard’s latest meercats, long since properly gelded & imported along with her from Illinois by way of Carthage.

The problem with allowing women to have a say in political matters stems from the females wanting to interfere with the big-boys cooncerns involving how to make a living as a family unit to the political concerns further up the political food chain, such as “how much in taxation shall be raised for the common good as a community” up to whether we will go to war or if it will be a civil war in which men will do the overwhelming amount of the fighting and dying. You give women the vote which is after having already given them the say as to what will be said, then the end result is the Senile Joe & The Nasty Ho Administration which cum about through massive voter fraud in far-off shitholes like Detroit, Filthydelphia, and anyplace in New Jersey.

All of which is bad enough but it gets worse. Whenever you call them out on suffering from “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” (pay attention to the first four letters boys) Syndrome then the always fall-back female position of these women is that because they have a pussy and thus entitled to be treated as such and thus not responsible for theys’ wanting to play MAN each & every single time they are allowed to do so. Stalwart societies never let it cum-cum, cum-cum to that.

Back to Granby. Some female, proud of having whelped the very bestest concrete worker for a paving project designed to fix for the winter the Granby street torn up by the EPA mining for Superfund Dollars, said that the job was wonderful. Then one of the Channels took credit for this. Whereupon myself wondered about the provenence of the contract and whether Jim Channel had a part in awarding the contract.

The Channel Crime Fambly — and in the Granby Devil’s Dictionary — are somewhere between cancer and chlymidia insofar as the Granby body politic are concerned. Jim Channel knows how to operate a back-ho. Big, strong, stupid, cowardly and a bully until whupped by nearly anyone two-thirds his size when Jimblo forgits that he is really just a big pussy, this character sports 91 IQ on a good day. Even T-Rampage Gamble — the worst Mayor of Granby ever until forced to resign and then he becum the worst TIF Board Chairman until forced to resign again — admitted that Jim Channel was an idiot on one City Council-Criminal Meating several years ago when I quoted Jim Channel as an authority on City finances. “Why are you quoting about the City finances from an obvious idiot?” quoth the T-Rampageifer. “Because he is YOUR idiot and thus likely to repeat your lying bullshit as delivered !!!” responds me.

In Granby the entire corrupt City Hall is on the take. They take in the highest taxation level of any town in Newton County and then have no-bid contracts brought them in collusion via Jim Channel.

The biggest was the Allieger-Martin stormwater gold-plated sewer system in which the entire Granby City Council was involved in which brings about a $3.2 million debt for digging two more sewage lagoons and changing the treatment system when the current system refurbished during 2007-2008 cost only $500,000. the problem with bringing in that amount of debt is that this means Granby cannot afford to put in what it really needs — fixing the current water system which hasn’t had any new pipe installed since the early 1980s and leaks nearly 60% of what is pumped out of the ground. Because there is unpayable debt on the books over the stormwater sewer it means that Granby cannot take on more debt and raise utility bills to install a $10 million water project like Southwest City less than half Granby’s size and a latina demographic can.

So Granby is facing a death spiral in which the infrastructure is shot because the past Granby City Hall’s — notoriously corrupt for decades but especially bad the past six years — have deliberately refused to “fix as they go” because they want huge kickbacks from construction projects they buffalo the idiotic Granby voters into voting for by slim margins.

As the infrastructure collapses while the utility rates and taxes rise the end result is that Granby shall become an even more poverty stricken quasi-urban shithole which is the dumping ground for Jasper, Newton and even McDonald counties of Section Eight housing and child molesters. A modest house in Neosho worth $100,000 isn’t worth $50,000 in Granby but going according to square footage shall be taxed as much. Since there are no jobs in Granby to speak of then the best of the working class with children will get jobs there in Neosho, Joplin, Carthage, and Monett. They will buy gasoline there instead of the Paki-Mart(s) in Granby. they will buy groceries there as well and go to the Walmarts there.

And the former advantage Granby had of cheap city utilities destroyed by T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins raising the rates while the water supply disintegrates and the sewer fees rise because they wanted construction kickbacks? All gone. When it is cheaper and easier to live where you work in other communities, with less harassment by their city governments then Granby will not only decay but become abandoned by the very best of what any small town needs, i.e. working white families. Crooked Ira Hawkins can dream of Baal Gates and Jeff Baalzebezos and tech millionares cum-cum cum-cummin’ to Granby but that isn’t going to happen. Instead we get insufferable Box-Wine Wedgie Tards from the Lands of Lincoons with nary a Schubert-Mitchell McMansion in sight.

The latest but by no means the least is when some woman wanted to build an improved kennel to replace the decayed Granby dog-pound for stray dogs running loose and told the wary of us who had seen it before that “all funds raised by her were private funds and were not raised out of public tax funds” and that her Animal Shelter run by her non-profit “East Newton Alliance For Stray Poopy-Dawgs & Kitty-Kats” (or something like that) was to be run by herself and her friends into that stuff and that since it would be the Granby Police responsible for rounding up the strays that getting permission from Crooked Ira Hawkins and the rest of the thieving Granby City Council was but a formality.

Good enough. Why not? Like most of the People of Granby I bought a few of Jaimie Arnall’s cloth masks / cuck muzzles and urged her to give the proceeds to “Cathy’s Puppy Pound”. But as the amount of money that woman raised went to $5000 to $`10,000 like all Granby tax trust funds — sewer, police, parks, cemetery and TIF — the thieving swine on the Granby City Council and Jim Channel schemed to put it in theys’ own private pockets. And so they did. Crooked Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel decided to put $6000 of Granby tax funds into the Puppy Pound and horned in on pouring the concrete slab and then got the Zane Blanchard Construction to do the job and got the kickbacks as usual. Or so I’ve heard.

Thus in addition to because of all the thieving baal-priests assigned to the Granby City Council as I’ve r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. them off Granby no longer has a “separation of baal-priestery & state” but because of Crooked Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel no longer a “separation of council-criminal and contractor.” All there is is a “separation of Granby tax money from Granby tax-payers to the pockets of Granby City Council-Criminals and Jim Channel and favored no-bid contractors.”

This triggered a Facebook comment war in which I’m going after Jim Channel admissions of graft and some Granby mother who wants her son to have a job working on public projects:

Myself to Jim Channel:

Jim Channel As you have admitted yourself when called upon it you have a part in every single contract let out by the City of Granby. If you wish to debate with me the full extent of your sticky fingers in the pie then by all means do so, but you declined the opportunity to do so on 9 Nov 2020 after the “emergency” special meeting. I think that the fiscal situation will improve at least by $120,000 per year if you are fired again. Tell me I’m wrong.

To which Jim Channel replied:

Martin Lindstedt you are wrong once again I haven’t made a dime off from any of the contracts and yes I’m involved with about all of them.

Granby Mother Public funds being spent are the province of those who are taxed to pay for them. I do not criticise the public works of Carthage or Joplin. But when Granby city public funds are stolen then yes, I criticise freely.

From there it became not a matter of Jim Channel suborning public contracts but sundry females saying that their sons have a right to work for contractors who are paying off kickbacks in order to get those contracts. A quarrel that I was not really interested in having because it would lead to GT&V purgatory — which it did.

Jim Channel threatened Jeromy Hopper with a defamation lawsuit, got the Granby mother to go to The Channel Crime Fambly’s “Suck Granby Dry” / Help Granby Grow Facebook page. How Granby is supposed to grow with a ten-thousand mile, quarter-million dollar tapeworm sucking out every single spare dollar, especially in public works contracts isn’t made clear.

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Emergency Meeting 9 November 2020


Proposed Amended Agenda Nov 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Posted Afternoon November 9, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall

302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

5:00 p.m.

Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented (The Agenda was Changed to Allow Police Chief Kelley to mention proposed Trailer Home & RV Ordinances and Police Salary increases)

2) Approval of Minutes, October 13, 2020


1) Appointment of new Council Member (Joyce Mann reappointed)

2) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

3) Discussion — RV Permits and Trailer Home Parks

4) Chief Kelley — Wage Structuring and Changes for Police Department (All four permanent officers get minimum of $33,000 per year to be paid through 1/2 cent Sheriff’s Sales Tax)

5) TIF Chairman Resignation (T-Rampage Gamble resigns a second time)

6) TIF board member resignation (Tim Murphy finally quits as promised)

7) Victor Coggin — Request to purchase sewer pump (10 hp motor for motive pump & variable drive unit for lift station)

8) Lawna Price — Close Police Department grant account at CBT (for purchase of new police SUV)

Special Meeting called to approve bills to pay and Appointment of ‘new’ Council Member

Regular meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum (Charlie Brown and JoAnn Lamp being operated upon tomorrow)

Now the First Synagogue of Satan of Granby says that theys isn’t political no more !!!

They were plenty political, oppressing the poor and stealing everything possible when Ashley Edgemon was their Chief Rabbi

“I just had to remove some political signs from our church property. Please don’t post any signs. Our church is the polling place for our community and we don’t support any candidates. Please respect our property.

Mark Thomas, Current Pastor of the First Church of God in Granby

I agree. Your Church being a 501(c)(3) organization is by its agreement with the taxing authorities signed a contract with Caesar that they would separate their parishoners rendering unto both you and Caesar so that you could proceed with your works and accumulation of treasures on this world, rather than trust that YHWH would provide.

Shame your predecessor Ashley Edgemon was thoroughly political and ran repeatedly for Granby City Councilman and is suspected of using his office of preacher to prach the Pauline Doctrine of Romans Chapter 13 which has been used by all manner of “Christian Tyrant”

So what did this baal-priest do while on the Granby City Council?

Well, most egregiously Assley ran up a $3.2 million dollar debt for a unnecessary $3.2 million stormwater drainage sewer while not allowing a $30,000 smoker and a multi-thousands video camera to be deployed so as to detect and fix the leaks. All this was was a graft and kickback scheme for Allieger-Martin to get as their cut $830,000 and the grant writer Sue Bascom $40,000 and the Granby City Council and employees their own unknown cut. Why when I raided the Church dumpster I got 3-5 years of City records from Ashley Edgemon’s administration, and a 2X yellow t-shirt and Ashley’s card holder and cards. Ashley might have found being a corrupt baal-priest on the City Council profitable at the cost of his bloated soul.

Ashley Edgemon also:

Voted for taking money out of the mouths of the poor by taking their gas money meter fees and applying it to paying off the Styrons a dozen years early at the beginning of the epidemic,

Delivered the $250,000 Cemetery Trust fund into the paws of the Granby City Council,

Not only raped the poor of Granby but demanded that the poor can’t live in trailer homes which is the only housing they can afford, so that Barry Fint can charge $500 on up for living in his shitty trailer park and sent the Granby Piglice Department out to enfarce the ordinances. This while allowing favored insiders like Granby North Ward City Council-member Joyce Mann to buy a used double-wide for her daughter and grandchildren without obeying a single one of Granby trailer ordinances and getting the corrupt City Attorney, Granby Police Department and Mayor and City Council to vote to suspend the rules in an “emergency special meeting”

Was complicit in sending a bulldozer to the properties of myself and Roxie and my nephews and agitating for my arrest at City Council Meetings

And as a last act of corruption filed to run for City Councilman knowing that he wouldn’t stick around so that the Baal-Priest Council of Granby could appoint another of their pet baal-priests in my seat won by default.

I have a bulldozer lien on your church. I look forward to dragging Ashley Edgemon back from where-ever he done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to in Floriduh and crucifying this evil fat vicious baal-priest in the bulldozed ruins of the First Synagogue of Satan, i.e. your 501(c)(3) church.

Perhaps you will agree with me that your Church should get out of Granby City politics by agreeing that after this election the polling place should move right back to the Granby City Annex or Community Building.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt,

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / AN of Missouri,

Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri