It was some sundry tails told by lying idiots to Granby tards signifying nothing much — The 10 May 2022 Granby City Council-Critter Meating

(With apologies to the soul of William Shakespear)

“Out, out, brief candle. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
Macbeth after he hears of Lady Macbeth’s death, in Act 5, scene 5, lines 16–27.

Granby is lawyering up.

Most of the time you see the same old people. Sometimes like the Dec. 2021 Council-Critter Meating literally there were a total of nine people. The four council-critters and Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins. A pig from the Granby Pig-lice State making sure that no “free speech” will take place from the usual suspect who causes more trouble than the other 2000 Granby Inbreds coonbined. Fattt Lawna Price the Granby City Clerk a.k.a. The She-Mayoress / Crooked Ira’s Brain. Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) the Editard of the Newton County Fake-Douche and the Granby Piglice State Presstitute. Jim Channel and his cell phone on Facebook as opposed to a porn site. And me and my video-camera, the Sony Digicam #2, having misplaced the first battered piglice & council-critter riot cam. The rest of the Granby Inbred Tards not wanting anything from the Granby Council-Critters/Criminals prudently stayed home. In short, a political free-fire zone in which I am not allowed counter-battery fire.

So the night’s agenda was set up to allow a competent-looking lawyer (as opposed to the lawyer-clowns like Jared Thomas or Diane Paragon whose function is to screw over the Granby Inbred Tards or some out-of-towners caught up in a speed trap. in the ca$h-register municipal kort) with a few inches of tightly stacked legal files to have the closed legal session put first in the new business so that this expensive lawyer could get on with it.

This looks like it will be something which co$ts Granby and has a real trial. Not just the same old crooked crap which can be pushed upder the rug or something which can be solved by a mass shooting by Granby Inbred Tard. Perhaps Ms. Piggy’s lawsuit from the Failed Ms Piggy / Box-Wine Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving coup of 2020 is about to hit showtime. There was some mentioning about Jim Channel’s sundry thievery and Facebook pimping later, but it doesn’t arise to the level of having the insurance lawyer cum down from Kansas City like the jew lawyer Brian Todd Goldstein on Sunshine Act Enforcement Action #1 back in 2018. Jim Channel’s thievery is usually ignored then lied about when Jamie Arnall bitches about it like thieving off the walnut logs from the ballpark.

After this meating of 45 minutes or so the Granby Council-Criminals announced that they didn’t do anything with the expensive lawyer in theys’ secret coonclave. Which is typpycull for theysselfs.

Mayor Crooked Ira hangs on for now as Kink defending his “Bad Ol’ Boys” Ring against “The Stronk Wymyn” She-Council-Critters Nutwerk

Jamie Arnall immediately takes Jim Channel to task for hiring some character thrown out for stealing from Granby with a criminal record and no driver’s license and letting Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins hire the former mayor T-Rampage Gamble to take care of Granby buildings because T-Rampage got fired from his job at an auto place in Joplin. These patronage hirings by Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins under the rubric of Pub[l]ic Utilities Directard Jim Channel is against Granby official policy of several years past. But Jamie Arnall brought it up just after she chastized Jim Channel for not buying street signs which were supposed to be ordered last November and Jim Channel simply lied to Jamie Channel until she found out that these signs were countermanded by Jim Channel probably with the coonivance of Fattt Lawna the City Clerk / She Mayoress and Crooked Ira the putativwe mayor. There was supposed to be $4200 allotted to purchasing these signs but Jim Channel made a number of evasions that some of those signs were not in the Granby city Limits as an excuse for ordering none of them. Jamie Arnall was fuming and it is an open question as to whether any money has been allotted to buy the signs.

After 40 minutes of bitching Crooked Ira anusounces that none of the “Bad Ol’ Boys” — some of them with criminal records and sans drivers licenses — will be removed from theys’ city patronage jobs even though hired coontrary to City policy. City policy is that all hires have to be interviewed by the Department head then approved by the City Council in session as opposed to Jim Channel hiring one of his criminal buddies or Crooked Ira hiring the former mayor forced to resign from two Granby positions as a private favor. Last month outgoing Pfat Jackass Kelley bitched and begged about ending Jim Channel’s and Crooked Ira’s running wild about this crap and ending these violations of policy. They survived ending this crookedness last month. But Jamie kept pushing the issue again this month. Still for now the end result is that while Jamie may bitch about Granby crookedness, then Jim Channel carrying it out with Mayor Crooked Ira’s allowance won’t pay for violating Granby city policy set in the past or presumably in the future. But that may change in the future.

Then Jamie Arnall complained about Jim Channel’s Facebook Group Help Granby Grow ,i.e. Suck Granby Dry:

Jim Channel formed this Facebook Group on May 29, 2020, a bare three days before the 2 June 2020 [S]election in which I was running against Ashley Edgemon for South Ward City councilman. Jeremy Hopper had just let me back onto Granby Thots & Views because he thought Jim Channel was a thieving piece of shit talking shit about his sister Jamie Arnall. Jeremy Hopper voted to fire Jim Channel from his job thieving but Donna Fullerton let the piece of shit back in later. Jim Channel as a Granby City Employee isn’t supposed to have any part of pretending to speak for the City of Granby, much less use Granby time to post on Facebook, but he does. So Jamie Arnall took exception to one of the Granby City employees on Jim Channel’s Facebook page telling some Granby Utilities customer to “get over it” as to how this Granby worker does his job.

It would be easier if Jim Channel simply has his wife or one of his relatives take over his Granby ass-licking Facebook Channel, but Mayor Crooked Ira and She-Mayor Fattt Lawna need to have some “social media” telling the sundry Granby Inbred Tards that these thieving scumbags are serving them really really good from muzzle to bunghole. Jeremy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views is actually neutral to slightly unfriendly to Granby City antics. Pfat Jackass Kelley actually pushed Jeremy Hopper around over something I said. As T-Rampage and Crooked Ira and Fattt Lawna and Jimblow think that not telling these Council-Criminals gave you the Whirrrrld’s Best Blowjob for letting the City infrastructure dissolve and collapse is somehow “Auntie-Granby.”

Of course Granby UnCensored is implacably hostile to the corrupt municipal corporation of Granby Missouri, wants the City Utilities sold to a profit company because these crooks are too stupid and corrupt to keep them up, to allow poor people to enjoy their property even going so far as to live in old single-wide trailers and not mow their grass.

The problem is that no side or faction should be allowed to claim to speak for the municipal corporation or its elected officials or employees on a social media page. Certainly not on behalf of a political entity which collects taxes nor its officers. The problem is that Crooked Ira, Fattt Lawna, T-Rampage Gamble nor Pfat Jackass Kelley have any decency or sense.

So there was much bitching by Jamie Arnall as she recited her Bill of Particulars against Jim Channel, who as with the street signs, was caught dead to rights. So Jim Channel simply showed Jamie Arnall more open disrespect while Doreen Clause looked grim, Gomer-Goober Carrel looked uneasy and Baal Shittrell was unexpressive. Mayor Crooked Ira spoke in favor of his henchman. The audience acted that they had never heard the like but fell quite short of disapproval. I enjoyed the incipent mutiny.

Let’s understand that Jamie Arnall made a damning case but as usual, nothing was scheduled to be done about these matters.

Attention Granby Inbred Tards: Granby 417-472-6666 Scam — Give $1000 & Get 100,000 of Senile Joe’s Build Back Biden Better ZOGbux

It’s Granby Inbred Tards who make being pathetic & silly in a corrupt fashion living in Granby interesting

Just got off Fedbook from someone living in Granby wanting to get me in touch with a “Great Opportunity” to get $100,000 in return for sending their agent $1,000.

I asked her why she just couldn’t ask those giving the 100,000 ZOGbux to simply keep the $1000 for his good work and to simply send on the 99,000 ZOGbux. And if she had already gotten the 99,000 ZOGbux to loan me the 1,000 because I barely have 100 and am saving up to send to some Nig[g]erian Prince who has promised me a billion ZOGbux.

So who says that we can’t all have a little slice of Nig[g]eria or the inevitable scams in Granby and without having to visit across the street from the Gospel Tabernackle or begging Box-Wine Wedgie Tard for her “black satanic input” that she’s been holding out on us since she got caught in the Ms. Piggy /Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving Coup of 2020?

Life in Granby is usually sorta exciting in a pathetic & corrupt fashion.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Legitimate Former Granby South-Ward Council-Critter never seated

Write-In Candidate for U.S. Senatard