Letter to the Editard — Newton County Fake-Douche of Sept 27, 2016

Me & Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) have different viewpoints regarding the High Orefice of the Granby City Collector to keep an eye on T-Rampage Gamble

                Both the Editor of this newspaper and myself attend Granby City Council Meetings. We come up with different impressions.

                Mayor Travis Gamble forced the resignations of both the City Fire Chief and recently the City Collector. The modius operandi is to put them both under “city ordinance” as independent officials and then when they don’t meet the new demands to make them resign. Their other hobby is to change the municipal ordinances to meet their agenda to enrich favored insiders, but this hobby has been engaged in since forever.

                So once the City Collector didn’t have to only collect taxes but to launder the proceeds as well, she resigned. So not having an elected money launderess and having Newton County collect the taxes for $4000 means saving $25,800 salary? No, not necessarily because you still must pay the new unelected money launderesses doing the will of the Mayor.

                So now we are going to have an election in November to [s]elect whether to [s]elect a new City Collector which the Mayor can also force to resign. Isn’t Dem[on]ocracy wonderful?

                Another trick is to commission “studies” which prove the desired result. The recent gas survey “proved” that gas rates would have to increase. Given that Travis Gamble insists that money swapped around in various accounts now not only had to be paid from his term as mayor but from the past 30 years under different Granby mayors as well, we all knew that the payback would cum from two sources: a) Uranus b) your pocket. The gas survey said “your pocket.”

                Travis Gamble says that it is your “moral duty” to pay not only for his decisions, but for previous administrations. Not your legal duty as only the state has standing to prosecute. Why, you need to be punished for electing these idiots.

For once I agree. You will and you are. (311 words)

Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) crumpled my Letter to the Editard into the trash can without reading it upon giving it to it.