Granby UnCensored got censored again for the 4th or 5th time.

Yes, I’m soooooo haetfool, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

Yesterday (Dec. 6, 2005) was the 17th year since Newton County Sheriff’s Department knocked out five of my teeth in doing to me worse than was blamed on the Soviet Union back 50 years ago against its dissidents.

The title of Mighty Evil Empire has changed hoofs over my 64 years. And yes, I’m vengeful over it. What goes around cums around; sow a wind reap a whirlwind. Doubtless after taking a record of what was written a cumplaint was made to Facebook. I think this is for the fourth or fifth time. It has been threatened that Granby UnCensored might bite the bytebucket eventually. So be it. (And unlike the first four times I was put in the Facebook penalty box for three or four days, so Facebook is serious this time.)

Like I’ve pointed out before, there are no “innocents” in a civil war — only sides. And what do you think happened to little two-year-old baby girls in downtown Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other three Cities of the Plain, even granted that probably none of them were in the streets looking to rape Jesus Christ and the ArchAngel Michael? Did not Christ say that things would be far more tolerable for the Men of Sodom, whose sin was in kidnapping travellers from the Red Sea to Mesopotamia caravan route and then under color of law robbing and murdering them? Judicial procedure in Newton County makes the like procedure circa 2000 BC before the Sodom Municipal Kort seem a model of cumparative justice and integrity. Well, I suppose I best leave off before I get Strike # 6.66 on Fedbook.

I will of course use sock-puppets to restore speaking out as a dissident White Supremacist religious and political figure but for now I’ll back off as I had to do at the Fulton State Psychiatric Prison / Nuthouse from causing trouble when threatened with a “10 & a 5” shot of Haldol and Atavan which would reduce me to drooling in my cell for a day and a half. I’d stir thangs up on Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday word would cum down about how I had better behave or another Ten & Five would be administered and back to Level 1 Week 1. Totally illegal of course but so was knocking out five of my front teeth taking me up there contrary to law as well. State-sponsored domestic terrorism works, albeit not efficiently.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

7 Dec. 2022 — Facebook penalty box gotten out of 10 Dec. 2022

Took 3 or 4 daze but I’m back in the Granby UnCensored Saddle again !!!