Mad Dog Musings 11 Sep 2022 — Make Granby Back to Mayberry NOT Gomorrah Still

What does Jackson Mississippi, Purcell Missouri and Granby Missouri have in common?

All three have third-world populations infested with corrupt council-criminals unable to maintain a water and sewer system given them to where either they need to fix it up by themselves (given that for the past thirty years they have refused to do so) or simply sell it to a competent private water works corporation.

Now Jackson Mississippi a mainly black capital city in Mississippi which is the poorest state in the US, the Jackson city council has refused to spend the money raised in taxes and users fees towards actually repairing its water and sewer system for the past 30 years. Rather they are going to be the largely White Republican state legislature to give them a $ billion to give them a whole new water and sewer system which is not likely to happen, particularly since the white and smarter black populations have fled the county.

In the case of Purcell, a city in Jasper County of less than 400 like Granby with a population of 2000 they had a corrupt and inept city council who hid their thiever by hiring dog&pony show audits. But unlike Granby they got enough signature petitions to force a state audit. The state audit found that the city mayor and council were stealing from the town. So they were charged and removed, a new city council elected, and last year by a vote of 49 to 4 the vote was to admit that they were simply unable to run a water and sewer system so they sold it to Missouri American water company this year.

Likewise with Granby. The water system has decayed the past 40 years but gotten especially worse given that Mayors like T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins refuse to make Jim Channel work on the matter, preferring to instead hope that some contractor wanting to put in a multi-million new water system will pay them off with kickbacks so they can sell out and move elsewhere than Granby with theys’ loot.

That the Granby City Council has nothing but contempt for the private property of Granby residents is a given. This video by Pastor Lindstedt, who is running as an “oafishul” write-in Candidate for US Senate since as an open White Supremacist he is not allowed on the primary ballots is to make the point that the City of Granby, like the residents of Purcell, if they wish to have clean water and safe sewers need to simply let some private corporation which does this work to do so rather than continue to allow thieving council-criminals to neither repair or fix the municipal utilities.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Official Write-In Candidate for US Senate
338 Rabbit Track Road
P.O. Box 666
Granby, Missouri 64844

Crooked Ira’s She-Spawn Croaks of SADS

Satan took the Baal-Priest’s Daughter Home, Crooked Ira learns nothing.

Crooked Ira’s She-Spawn Croaks of SADS

This is so hard !

Being a Satan-serving crooked politician who is out to steal everything from them stupid Granby Inbreds, presiding over the collapse of its infrastructure, voting in higher taxes so there is more to steal, bulldozing without a kort order the private property of my political enemies, indulging in setting out my Granby Piglice to terrorize those who don’t cut their grass to my wishes, establishing zoning against the wishes of business owners, telling the poor that they cannot put in a trailer house on their own property, coonspiring to let Senile Heifer Joyce Mann violate said municipal ordinances, giving Barry Flint everything he wants while forbidding others from setting up a reconditioned trailer park, letting Fattt Lawna the She-Mayoress run wild and Jim Channel too, saddling Granby with endless unsustainable debt for the next 50 years, refusal to obey [s]election results and filling the Granby City Council Seats with fellow baal-priests and “Christian Scumbags” and refusal to trust in YHWH to protect myself and my family from the ZOG-virus and thus taking the Baal-Gates Micro$haft 2019 ZOG-virus Mark of the Beast Clot Shot and encouraging my spawn to do likewise and thus having them croak of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and like a goat wonder what happened since Satan is supposed to protect me and mine from the Coonsequences is easy, cf. Matthew 7:13-14:

13: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way. that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.

Criminal case against future Newton County auditor dismissed

NEOSHO, Mo. — A criminal case against a future Newton County official has been dismissed.

Newton County Prosecutor, William Lynch dismissed a misdemeanor count of Tampering with a Public Record that was filed against Matt Major on August 19th.

Lynch said he didn’t feel like they could prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Plus everyone knows that the Newton County korts and Sheriff’s Department is corrupt as can be so even though making a big deal of this political arrest the citizens of Newton County voted FOR Matt Major because of this political arrest. Having 30% of a jury drawn from registered voters means that a Newton County Prostitutard bringing this case will lose and lose big.

That charge was from 2021, when Major resigned from the county assessor’s office. According to court papers, workers found information related to county tax records had been deleted from his computer — and paper copies were also missing.

Matt Major while working at the County Assessor’s office reduced the six acres I bought for my Church in 2019 to the bare land as agriculture use in 2020 as opposed to the old trailers which used to be on the land as having a residential rate of taxation. Matt Major is a competent and decent public employee.

While searching Major’s house, investigators found computerized files on a flash drive and two boxes of paperwork.

This Newton County Sheriff Piece of Shit named Hornbeck who acts as Nicky Myers’s — Chairman of the Newton County Republican Party — own personal police goon made a big deal of the matter. Any case handled by this corrupt piglice goon should be dismissed for probable corruption.

Major denied any wrongdoing — saying he believed the items he took from the assessor’s office were either his or public information.

He won the county auditor primary on August 2nd and is unopposed in the November election.

I voted for Raleigh Ritter in the primary because I know and like Raleigh. However, Matt Major is competent and at odds with the Newton County political establishment and so the voters handed the office to Matt Major because they don’t believe the same old crooks.

I am suggesting to Jill Carter, the primary winner of the 32s State Senatorial District loosen up the legislative laws so as to allow a lesser percentage of voters in small cities able to petition for an governmental audit at the second-class and below county level for second-class and below cities within those counties instead of having to petition the state auditor. This reduced petitioning would lessen these Arthur-Anderson/Enron accounting like at the Purcell and Granby level wherein these private auditors having to be paid by those they “audit” get to create private “council-criminal eyes only management letters.” Purcell was not able to catch theys’ council-criminals stealing from them, they passed all of theys’ dog&pony shoah “audits” until they got a percentage of the registered voters to sign on for the state auditor’s audit — which caught them stealing, had them removed, and to where by a 9-1 vote they sold the Purcell water & sewer system to Missouri Water Company.

Having a County Auditor go over the City books because of a lower percentage of registered voters want governmental oversight as opposed to the current attitude of “Whatever crooked crap originates in Granby needs to stay in Granby” and “Let Granby rot as you have to house the old geezers, the crackheads, and the chomos someplace and it might as well remain in Granby while Neosho and Joplin prospers due to the commerce on I-49 and I-44” and “Neosho gots Schubert-Mitchells (McMansion builders of $300,000 up houses) and Granby gots Hovels & Shitholes.”