The Granby City Council Shall [D]Rule by Resolution to Set Up Build Back Barry [Flint] Better by moving in some Cathouses/Trailers Atop Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkin’s Toxic Waste Dump

You can’t simply put in a trailer onto your own property to start a business or a family unless you are a Granby council-criminal or one of the “Bad Ol’ Boys” Nutwerk because of Barry Flint. But furthermore if you coonspire with Crooked Ira and Fattt Lawna you get $42,000 of the $210,000 from Senile Joe’s Build Back Better and the Granby Historical Society gets nothing for fixing their roof and the Granby infrastructure sucks hind tit as well.

This scheme will work as well as the Flint Yentaprises scam of a 4K video / 3% audio dynamic range system for $4,956 when a $30 Logitech web cam bought on Amazon would have given Granby web streaming on Facebook.

The Missouri Attorney General who is running for US Senate needs to be embarrassed over this issue. (As a candidate for U.S. Senate with the intermediate goal of getting Eric Greitens nominated for the Republican primary I’m going to recommend a criminal investigation and prosecution over this matter.)

A city-meeting or so ago, Barry Flint and his wife and Sarah Jones were escorted into the city hall just before the meeting and they got 15 minutes alone to conspire with Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins and Fattt Lawna while I was locked outside until Pfat Jackass Kelly wanted in. At this meating the city council voted to set aside 20% of the $210,000 Biden BBB grant which is exactly $42,000 which Barry Flint wants in funding. Ordinary citizens can’t put a single-wide on their own property at their own expense but Barry Flint who made all these rules gets $42,000 to put in seven container boxes?

Granby ought to be dis-incorporated over this crooked crap, the utilities sold off, and the police department let to go back to the county so that Granby People can thrive free of this corruption !!!

Three out of four Granby city council-critters are to be installed tonight and yet they are doing business by “Resolution” which means no opportunity for Town Hall Debate and scrutiny. Only for Fattt Lawna (who doesn’t even live in town) and Crooked Ira Hawkins to meat up with Barry Flint & others just before the City Council Meating and have the addlepated idiots vote to permanently spend funds and grants affecting Granby for the next decades without opportunity for reflection and debate. Which is why Fattt Lawna and Crooked Ira do things by “Resolution” in which there is no time for the People of Granby to know what is going on.

Rule by criminals and thieves and ratified by idiots and enfarced by piglice while it may be the way Granby does things means that Granby will continue to decline and decay up to the point of catastrophic collapse.

Three out of Four Granby City Council-Critters are inaugurating new terms. It is past time that you take time to do some reflection and ask Granby voters what they want before voting on a series of Resolutions which will take away funding for infrastructure survival.

Two years ago 20% of Granby voters voted for myself to take care of Granby infrastructure. Eighty percent voted for Ashley Edgemon, head of the survey crew for Allieger-Martin and who r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida as planned allowing Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins and the rest of the Granby City Council-Criminals to appoint a bunch of Crooked Ira’s baal-priest walk-ins. This is the sort of criminal and corrupt crap which makes a mockery of your precious “Dem[on[ocrkracy / Crapocracy and precious CONstipation & Bill of Goods. Of those who ran two years ago, only myself and Crooked Ira are left. Satan took Senile Heifer Joyce Mann and JoAnn Lamp home to Hell and Assley Edgmon and Bill-the-Buttlicker r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. with the Alliegier-Martin kickbacks and left you Granby People with the debts for the next 40 years.

Young People starting out to form a family cannot scrape together a few thousand dollars to buy a crappy old single-wide because Barry Flint wants them to rent a crappy trailer from him in his trailer park. Now Barry Flint wants $42,000 in the first chunk of the $210,000 for infrastructure to put in his container trailers and Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins and Fattt Lawna (who doesn’t live here with her Lustfool Meercat and can’t run a feed store much less Granby) have the Granby City Council in theys’ pockets to vote by Resolution something that only 5 out of a declining population barely over 2,000 have seen or know about.

Granby is the Gomorrah of Southwestern Missouri.

Hail Victory !!!

Dr. Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN, MD (Mad Dog)

Outgoing legitimate South Ward City Council-Critter

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Municipal [S]Election Pre-dik-dik-shuns for 5 April 2022 Granby [S]Election:

I expect the additional Granby AB_Use Tax of 2.2666 % Sales Tax on Internuts purchases to fail and that Doreen Clouse will prevail over Pfat Jackass Kelly, thus endling my tenure as elected/non-selected South Ward City Council-Critter. The Dylann Storm Coof ZOGvirus brewed in Ft. Detrick/Wuhan hath rid Granby of some really senile & thieving council-criminals and Assley Edgmon & Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh and Carthage with the Allieger-Martin winnings leaving the Granby Inbreds with the bills. Only Mayor Crooked Evil Awful ass-Clown Ira Hawkins remains and this senile thieving retard looks like large hunks have been taken from its brain leaving not much left just like Senile Joe of what wasn’t much there to begin with of a grouping thieving idiot politician.

Crooked Ira’s walk-n thieving retard replacing JoAnn Lamp who croaked, Gomer-Goober Carrel will get 80% of the eligible vote of nine percent of the 400 registered voters so approximately 45 votes with a few “No Gomer-Goober” write-ins.

Jamie Arnall shall win re-selection as a strong empowered woman to the North Ward City Council Seat. She could have saved Granby $3500 by telling Pfat Jackass Kelly, Crooked Ira, and Senile Heifer Joyce Mann that she wasn’t allowing them to tear down her old hardware store and they could shove that plan into theys’ seats of consciousness but didn’t. Crooked Ira and Pfat Kelly cum-cum, cum-cum around after she deeded her building to the Flintville / Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (Henceforth the F-GG BB[B]BBBB). Pfat Jackass Kelly then destroyed the old building across from the Church and made the owners do it at they’s own expense, but spared to old church owned by Mexicans. She voted to give the F-GG BB[B]BBBB 20% of the BidenBux for something other than Granby sewer and water infrastructure. She has refused to boycott Granby City Council Meatings thus letting Crooked Ira appoint one of his council-criminals to thieve, i.e. Gomer-Goober Carrel.

Jamie is a lot better than Senile Heifer Joyce Mann who was overheard hoping to lose so that she could watch Faux SNoos with her cat until finally croaking of the Coof, but still Jamie was just a speed bump for Crooked Ira and Fattt Lawna and Jim Channel

The next step is a $10-15 million (or more) water bond issue lasting the next 50 years through Allieger-Martin costing $400 per month water bills resulting in the diminished population living in hovels capturing rainwater with birdsh*t as opposed to the sulphur & sewage from the polluted aquifer. No one sane shall drink unfiltered Granby tap water but reverse osmosis filtering can filter out 2/3 of the oxygen and sulphur and 99.99 % of the sewage.

The Granby population — regardless of the legendary toughness of Granby Inbreds — shall decline by 4-5% per year in the next years as opposed to the 2% yearly decline in 2020 and 2021. The latest variant of the Boomer-Remover will strike but the Baal Gates Mark of the Beast Mark 666.66 Clot Shot shall remove much of the vaccinated sterilized population aged from 6 to 60.

However the Somalian and Guatamelian refugees will move into the hovels as Chinese — as opposed to Illinois housekeepers like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard who has lied low since the UnSuckcessfool Ms. Piggie/Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving Coup of 2020 — dump theys’ ZOGbux holdings as the price of renting a shotgun shack rises to $1000 per month plus $400 sewer/water bill. Newly rich Granby city council-criminals will sell out and move outside the city limits but faster than in the past 20 years. (Here’s looking at you Rick McCully).

Fattt Lawna the She-Mayoress /City Clerk having moved out two years ago with Her Lustfool Meercat (previously appointed by Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins to the TIF Bored Prez-o-dintcy until replaced by Ex-Mayor T-Rampage Gamble in turn replaced by Crooked Ira as part of the “Bad Ol’ Boyz Nutwerk) to Build Back Barry (Both Flint & the County of) Better has refugeed from Barry County to Oklahoma and is coontemplating a move at Granby expense to Texas, where it is further but possible to commute but only if the Granby AB_Use Tax passes which it won’t.

Twenty Percent of the better sort will be allowed to de jure as well as de facto de-annex theysselfs from the Granby Police State.

Granby Piglice will mess with the wrong crackhead as in Joplin last month but it will be open season for them on baby-girl Granby crackheadettes as in Joplin.

Eric “Navy-SEAL Republican Family Values Rape-Dungeon Running ex-Governor” Greitens shall win the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate defeating Corporate Lawyer Eric Schmidt, Trans-ChickenHead Vickie Hartzler, and ZOGBot Silly Long and the several dozen Republicucks and then go down to defeat to the write-in candidacy of Pastor Martin “Half-Beard the Conqueror” Lindstedt, MD (Mad Dog) as seccessionist movements make Missouri the Guerrilla Capital of the Second Civil War like it was during the First Civil War.

Granby shall look a lot like its sister city in Eastern Ukraine. Or even more to the point Eastern Ukrainian towns and villages shall look more like Granby as events unfold.

Just a few sundry political observations and predictions now that the polls have closed.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin “Half-Beard Mad-Dog” Martin LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri/ZOGland

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Outgoing [S]Elected but Never-Seated South Ward Granby City Council-Critter