Judge Mad Dog Musings — April Foolz –The Crooked Ira / T-Rampage /JimNance Campaign Rally

Judge Mad Dog Musings on the April Fools Campaign Rally by Granby Christian Scumbag Faction

Like all thangs associated with the Granby City Council, this wasn’t a candidate forum but rather a corrupt Granby Piglice State which was NOT a town meating but rather just a campaign rally ostensibly funded by Jim Nance a South Ward Council-Critter candidate to finish off Jamie Arnall, Doreen Clause, and Bill Kittrell while at the same time trying to get the Granby Inbreds vote in a $11 million water bond so that the Granby Inbreds can pay a $300-400 per month water & sewer bill essentially forever as opposed to simply selling away to Missouri-American Water to have a $125 per month sewer or water bill.

But the biggest issue is how these Council-Criminals hate each other yet want to establish a police state of massive corruption in order to benefit theysselfs and theys’ families and friends.

I got kicked out real quick by having Crooked Ira Hawkins, T-Rampage Gamble and Jim Nance and theys’ “Cristian Scumbag” factotum declare that I was “disrupting” a town meating and not allowed to speak even though on the ballot. Then was allowed back in but muzzled. Same thing happened 3 years ago with the sewer scam.

The cheapest thing to do is simply vote “no” on the water-bond $11 million increase and by shutting down theys’ funding they will be powerless to do anything much. No money No Funny.

Why was T-Rampage Gamble fired from the city job Mayor Crooked Ira gave him? Likely because T.-Rampageifer is a drunken psychotic a-hole although something was imputed about screwing a skank in the municipal gymnasium.

But what gets me is the mental and moral degeneration of Granby Inbreds. They will rant and rave about Turd-Whirrrrld Cuntrees while at the same time allowing Granby Police State Racketeering right under theys’ snouts.

I have or control six old houses with water and sewer coonections. The sewer coonection works just fine on rainwater harvested from the roofs on each old building. Don’t buy the city water the built-in sewer is free.

But all these council-criminals ‘think’ that they can get the resident Granby Inbreds to bring in new businesses to pay for it, the corrupt fools. No new businesses will cum-cum cum-cum to Flintville-Greater Granby-Gomorrah.

Quite a turnout of Granby Inbred Tard and newbie refugeesmwho don’t know Granby Jack-Shat. But like Afrika and for the same reasons GRANBY ALWAYS WINS.

I’ll put up the rest of the Granby Clown Shoah of April Foolz for the amusement & amazement of the rest of the ZOGland.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt

Candidate for Granby Minicipal Cash-Regi$ter Kort Judge