Granby has a new police chief

— There simply is no getting rid of Granby Piglice in the Flintville-GraterGranby Piglice State

GRANBY, Mo. — The word “interim” is no longer part of the title for the Police Chief in Granby.

Rico Engberg officially has the job. After a more than 20-year career with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force — he became more familiar with the Granby community during his 5-year stint as a school resource officer with the East Newton School District.

What with the ZOGling nippers learing less reading, writing & arithmetic but more riflery more cowardly piglice are needed to prevent the nippers from going back to skrule to shoot the place up.

Engberg — or “Officer Rico” as the kids came to call him — replaces Jacob Kelly, who retired as chief at the end of last year.

Kelly ran out while the getting was good.

“Granby was already kind of a, oh, a base for me, knowin’ a lot of people here and when I knew that they were understaffed, the prior chief had called me and asked me if I’d like to come to work and I said not really. I’m, I’m done with law enforcement, I’m retired. So he ended up calling again and he said come on in and talk to me, so, I came in and here I am,” said Engberg.

Well, I’m not much in favor of the 6th-Day Beasts of the Field known as negroes, but they do have theys’ uses in that they kill jews, piglice, and whiggress gorda mudsharks and each other in industrial quantities.

“Rico had come with high favor through different facets of the community. The council believed that he was, he was the right man for this job and this position,” said Ira Hawkins, Granby Mayor.

Yes yes Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins and the rest of the Granby Council-Criminals support Granby Piglice to enfarce theys’ ordinances which they theysselfs can’t obey like most regime criminals. Voting for the $11 million bond issue which will cost $20-30 million for the next 30 years and let Jim Channel neglect means that Flintville-GranbyGomorrah will becum an even bigger shithole.

Chief Engberg and his staff are already hard at work: There are plans to implement a neighborhood watch program and a free women’s self-defense course for residents will start in the spring. The department will also mentor cadets from Crowder College.

Yes, by all means have the crackheads, chomos, and senile Boomers unable to sell out and move to Neosho keep a Granby Piglice approved gossip net on each other.

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Which is why KOAM TV-7 local TV news is watched instead of KODE-12 or KSN-16 owned by Nextstar. These TV tards are always going ass-3-mouf with the local regime criminals under this Satanic form of government established by Cain and Nimrod.