Fraaaankie should have gotten into Granby Eighty-Percenter Polytricks

It pays a lot more to steal if you profess an ever-abiding ever-lasting love & alliegance to THE LITTLE LORD BABY JESUS (TLL-BJ) and get on the Granby City Council and use the Granby Police Department as your own personal secret police farce and get kickbacks from “No Bid” Resolutions for fraudulent millions of dollars in worthless sewer bond contracts instead of being a private-property criminal stealing to buy crack instead of serving TLL-BJ.

Someone pasted a number of pictures of Lawrence Franklin Coburn — known as “Fraaaaaankie” for an alleged incident from over 30 years ago — being arrested and his beater van being loaded up for impoundment. And yes, there was much rejoicing.

So why was Fraaaaaankie arrested by Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley. To answer that question see Missouri Case Net

Type in the name search “Coburn, Lawrence Franklin” and find 24 records in the 40th Judicial District of Newton and McDonald counties. Like most Boomers with a drug and drinking problem Frankie has a whole lot of the “poverty crimes” involving the Granby Municipal kort of driving with out “proof of financial responsibility”, i.e. not being able to pay off the insurance corporations funding the Republican party of Missouri and of failure to register a motor vehicle, i.e. the working poor buying a vehicle from Carmart or even worse through Griffin Motors Credit World, or failure to wear a seat belt which is the manner of financing the Granby Police Farce to function as the secret political police of the Granby City Council-Criminals. If one knows the Revised Statutes of Missouri one can get around all this thieving piglice kort scams. After all, unless you have an accident then you do not have to show proof of insurance to some thieving Granby or Diamon pig pulling over us mundanes. The “failure to transfer a motor vehicle is the sole jurisdiction of the Missouri Department of Revenue — not the town clown piglice. And failure to wear a seat belt is a matter for a jury trial where they can only assess you a $10 fine after you summon a $1500 jury, call the thieving pigs thieving pigs, and after wasting nearly a day of crooked judge time, well, nobody in Newton or Jasper county wants to go through that with me again. But why is someone like Fraaaankie being jailed? Let’s see further.

State v. Lawrence Franklin Coburn 20NW-CR00250 Stealing less than $150 and 20NW-CR00176 Felony Stealing more than $750 — two warrants issued as of 9 July for failure to appear in court on both charges on 6 July. Bond is set for $250 apiece.

$500 from Friends of Frankie turns him loose, while Billy Gilliland who beat Fraaaankie with a crowbar the day after Billy allegedly saw Fraaaaaankie leaving his garage with his portable sterio and reported it to Granby Piglice is denied bail altogether and remains in jail for attempted crowbarricide — and First Degree Burglary. Isn’t Granby jewstice wonderfool?

Looking further into Missouri Case Net you see that Billy Gilliland is undergoing a typpycull divorce in pre-Collapse ZOGland in which being a white man he gets to be a perpetual debt-slave in family kort. Looking at his Facebook Picture I see a budding warlord for when it cums time to deal with the Newton County Republican Party, Sheriff’s Department, Social Services, all of the current Newton County judges and lawyers acting in revenge for destroying white families — including my own — through the Principles of Biblical Castration which I explained thoroughly to former Sheriff Ken Copeland back when they were trying to railroad me for child molestation and have me murdered in prison back from 2005-2009. Instead I was illegally sent to the Fulton State Nuthouse for refusal to accept a pub[l]lic pretender where I got five front teeth knocked out by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department taking me up there. Very soon in the future all debts outstanding will be repaid with interest but that is then, not now.

Now Jacob Kelley has explained all about how Billy and many of you should be ashamed about “taking the law into your own paws” when many of you think that Fraaaankie is working with the police. I’ll write up more about that and an interesting conversation I had in May when someone — maybe not Fraaankie — broke into one of my old houses and stole an electric guitar and amp, a boxed Walmart bicycle, six bottles of Ten-High whiskey bought at an estate sale, and the shinier of some canned goods. We talked about how I was going to allow Granby to demolish one of the old houses north of my Hovel and parts of other buildings. I then discussed that the Old Ku-Klux-Klan worked with corrupt sheriffs and police to keep intact the proper order of things, and while I had called for firing Lawna Price and Jim Channel I hadn’t called for his firing because every successor regime, even one of warlords, has use for the former police farces to judicially murder and expropriate the property and destroy the lives and families of the ancient regime to lend a superficial legal gloss over the proceedings. Since he had no morals then of course he would carry out orders from the New Regime to crucify the former baal-priests and castrate they’s male spawn and “Handmaid’s Tale” their females and teach the former City Council and supporters to keep theys’ bulldozers to theysselfs. As with Jereboam a lot of baal-temples will be turned into public latrines.

We also discussed how the crackhead situation would go more and more former middle-class would be coming to Granby like Season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead and how he would have a lot more to worry about soon. As I have written in court filings involving the non-white white supremacist Bryan Reo who the Granby City Council sold a bogus judgment to on Oct. 14, 2019 and the bulldozers came the next day on Oct. 15, 2020 a bunch of regime-criminals were nearly shot but Jacob Kelley helped make me decide to wait until I could transfer my South Dakota property to my sister. Now what with the Covid-19 ZOG-virus and the Collapse of ZOG I haven’t thought of shooting Granby regime criminals since at least February of this year. I’ll let JoAnn Lamp keep one of her houses and bulldoze the other 11 rentals and I’ve told Will Barrett to be sure to inform potential buyers that there is a “bulldozer lien” on his property that he is thinking of moving out of Granby. There are consequences for a public official who doesn’t respect the private property of citizens and that penalty is absolute destruction of their work, restitution of that which was stolen, and perpetual enslavement if not death for treason.

But this thread concerns the hating on Fraaaankie for thievery. If it was just Frankie being a crackhead who was independently wealthy purchasing that which was on sale that would be one thing. But many — including myself — suspect Fraaankie of stealing from me. What to do?

Thanks to “Missery just-us” the Granby City Council and theys’ new baal-priest appointed South Ward City Council-Criminal intends to defraud the Community Block Grant Program of $750,000 to borrow $1,601,000 from the USDA Rural Development loan to collect a $1,049,000 USDA Rural Development grant. Frankie ought to listen the THE LITTLE LORD BABY JESUS (TLLBJ) like Ira Hawkins, Ashley Edgemon and soon Charlie Brown and become a professional Granby city council-criminal to get a brand new Allieger-Martin yellow t-shirt and thirty pieces of silver from the no-bid “passed by Resolution” $830,000 contract. If I had to do it all over I’d have encouraged Frankie to run for South Ward City Council against myself and Ashley the Floriduh-departed, then Frankie would have cum in second and he could tell Jacob Kelley what to do instead of stealing catalytic converters and boom-boxes from someone with a temper undergoing a horrific divorce in possession of an unlicensed unregistered crowbar.

So Fraaaaankie is being held on charges for not showing up for two trials involving stealing over $750 and one for stealing $150 or less. If he pays two $250 bonds he will be released. Whereas the Granby City Council has plotted for years to give Allieger-Martin $830,000 and put Granby residents into debt for the next 35 years. Tonight they will hold a pub[l]ic meeting to discuss pretending to build Section-8 housing and letting Black Lives Matter and antifa riot with the collusion of the Granby Piglice Department in order to qualify for a $750,000 USDA Community Action Block Grant in order to advance that unnecessary sewer scam. If only Fraaankie has known about how much more crack he could have bought from the kickbacks on $830,000 putting Granby $3.2 million in debt plus interest for the next 35 years as opposed to ten percent on a $1200 catalytic concerter and the neglible nickle-bag of crack funded by a stolen boom-box. Fraaankie should have becum a certified baal-priest that loves THE LITTLE LORD BABY JESUS (TLL-BJ) & then gotten into Granby PolyTicks as that sort of criminal activity pays much much better.

The Granby Twenty Percenters vs the Eighty Percenters of Granby-Gomorrah

For those of the Twenty Percenters who voted for me for South Ward City Council to have me stop this sort of stuff, well, I’ll make some cumplaints. I am working on it but it is gonna get a lot worse before if it gets any better. But you have to realize that Eighty Percent of Granby People voted against you because when it comes down to it they are fine with being cheated and swindled, especially by baal-priests who claim to worship TLL-BJ.

I think that the eventual best solution will be to dis-incorporate Granby and pull its home-rule charter, sell the water and sewer systems to Missouri American Water Company and have a $50 sewer & water bill and possibly a 20-acre reservoir on Shoal Creek, sell the gas works, have the policing revert back to Newton County and establish with the $78,000 generated by the new 1/2 cent sales tax Granby having an Eastern Newton satellite patrol station. I’ll be filing lawsuits resulting from this city council-criminality.

But you Granby Twenty-Percenters must understand that the Granby Eighty-Percenters who will outvote you every single time coonsists of people you wouldn’t have anything to do with in the first place if you lived outside Granby city limits.

Living in Granby means that you are politically chained up to what is the dumping ground of Newton County full of crackheads and child molesters (real or imagined) and the elderly living on fixed incomes and people like me who bought a bunch of cheap property from the elderly whose children and grand-children who didn’t want to live in Granby. And then you got those wanting to move elsewhere who want to saddle you with debt in order to sell out due to these public works scams. And then the majority of the Granby city council-criminals are those from somewhere else who want to turn Granby into a craphole like from whence they fled. Living in Granby by definition cums with a 10-15% (or higher) property tax bill for living in the Granby city limits and another 20-30 percent property value loss just because for living inside Granby. Now the up side of living in Granby is in living in a non-diverse population of these Granby Eighty Percenters and before the [mal]administration of T-Rampage Gamble with cheap city utilities. That is also the bad side. Being a Granby Twenty Percenter is akin to being like Lot in Sodom. You have to understand the Granby Eighty Percenters and know when to beat feet out and not to look back. Living in Granby is like Season Two of the Walking Dead, but with the Eighty Percenters running loose as opposed to being locked up in the barn. Sooner or later you shall be over-run and have to flee.

See you tonight at the City Council meeting and the Community Block Grant Program pub[l]ic meeting scam and maybe the TIF swindle starting at 5:00 pm 14 July 2020. If need be I’ll sell my Hovel and other buildings to some nice friendly Somalians who will bring some wanted diversity to many of you lying Granby Eighty Percenters.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
(Non-Baal) Church of Jesus Christ Christian / AN of Missouri