Chained up with the 80 percenters in Granby Missery

And why it is good that such have theys’ own “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook Forum

[Responding to a Granby woman in favor of Granby city council corruption and higher property values who is a member of the Granby “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook forum.]

In my years of speaking with you I think you want higher property values — but for the poorer People of Granby to pay for it through higher taxes and utility rates. You want to sell out and move to Neosho fine, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for it. The biggest problem of living in town is that you are having to live with people wanting to claim that they have a vote in your business.

Your goals of privitizing your “higher property values” through socializing decades of municipal debt means lower property values because it is cheaper and better to buy property outside of Granby so you don’t have to start out with higher fixed payments. City property taxes add 10-15% additional costs and this corrupt City Council adds more expense, which accounts for a house in Granby costing 60% of a house in Neosho.

Now I have benefitted from getting to buy cheap Granby property from old people dying off whose children and grandchildren did not want to live in Granby. Now that I’m on the other side of the age gap means property values will decline further. Since you obviously don’t want to live in Granby because it makes sense for agitate for higher property values only if you intend to sell out, thus you want to make it more expensive to live in Granby means that we have irreconciliable interests. Thus any perceived “animousity” is because we have incompatible goals: I want to keep Granby affordable for the working poor and you want to profit from them by making their lives more precarious and unaffordable. Demographic decline along with the “Boomer-Remover” Covid-19, 20, 21 ZOG-virus means that what we build in Granby will decline in value, especially in Granby if things continue as they are. Only a fool would build anything of any value within the Granby City Limits given no-longer cheap and affordable city water and sewer and gas.

“If we fix the sewer and water system property values will rise which is a sign of a healthy city.” Really? A new water system is going to cost $10-15 million. The Allieger-Martin storm-water sewer basin drainage costs $3.2 million. Having a $200 water & sewer bill isn’t going to improve property values for 90 of the Granby population any more than tearing the hearts out of their own people improved the lives of the average Aztec because it was claimed to be necessary to make the sun rise. Rather the percentage of people “opting out” of city utilities shall rise snd as it gets more expensive to live in Granby without jobs more of our younger working folks will move to their jobs in Neosho, Joplin, Carthage and Monett. Decaying Granby infrastructure with higher debts means more people foregoing city utilities.

Far from becoming a healthy city what many of us need is for Granby to be dis-incorporated with the city utilities sold off and law enforcement sent back to Newton County so that those of you who want “higher property values” can spend whatever you please to achieve that private goal without the rest of us having to pay for it.

Which is why I am glad that Jim Channel and yourself have a Facebook group of your own in “Suck Granby Dry” in which you don’t have to listen to me and vice-versa. I don’t have a problem with not getting to be on Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook forum. All across the nation most of us want to be free of you. We don’t wish to pay for you. We don’t want to be “united” with you like dogs in harness under your whip like the beasts of the field under Nimrod in Babylon. And so we seek to be free of you.

And this holds true of Granby. If I and anyone else could only “de-annex” ourselves and our properties from the City of Granby and its idiotic and corrupt City Council and only pay in cash for that which we choose to use then that would be great. You wish to pay Jim Channel $40,000 to do nothing but post on Facebook, then fine. You wish to pay an additional $26 per month starting out for Allieger-Martin to get $830,000 to pay kickbacks to city council-criminals that is fine as well. You wish to not be able to put up a single-wide or used double-wide on your own property unless you happen to pay a bribe for a “secret emergency meeting” waiver, then fine.

But the rest of us want only to live in peace and prosperity on our own private property and if that means a discorporate bill of divorcement from those of you who think we must pay for your own private profit then so be it — and we won’t be civil except in the sense of civil war about it.