Neosho has a new Mayor . . .

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Neosho has a new Mayor . . .

Postby Neosho Daily Douche » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:47 pm

Neosho has a new Mayor . . .

. . . (and he is likely a tard, cum-cum, cum-cum.)

By Lee Ann Murphy, Remaining Daily Douche Staffer

[COLOR="#0000FF"]New Neosho Meyer Ben Baker -- who the other Neosho Council-Critters voted in[/COLOR]


Outgoing mayor Charles Collinsworth opened the regular session of the Neosho City Council on Tuesday.

The consent agenda and the minutes from the April 4 and April 6 meetings, both open and closed sessions, were approved. Two proclamations in appreciation of councilmen were presented by Collinsworth to David McCracken and Richard Davidson. In unfinished business, the council approved Bill 2017-842 canvassing the returns for the April 4 municipal election.

In closing remarks, Collinsworth told the council, “One thing I hoped this council would accomplish - and they did - was to have things quieter in Neosho. It’s been a good year. Let it be said I strove to have a peaceful year and to have any news come out about Neosho be good news.

“I want to thank all for their prayers, fellowship and the professionalism that existed in these chambers over the past year. I know you are all men of integrity. I am very excited to see what they will do in the coming year. I will still serve but in a different capacity. God bless and thank you.“

The meeting adjourned and reconvened. City clerk Rachel Holcomb administered the oath of office to newly elected council members Jon Stephens and Tom Workman. Holcomb then conducted the election of a mayor and a mayor pro tem.

Council member Ben Baker was nominated as mayor and the council voted unanimously to elect him as mayor. Current mayor pro pem Richard Davidson was also nominated and re-elected to continue serving in the same position.

“I want to say I appreciate the confidence of my peers,” Baker said. “It is an honor and truly humbling. My vision is to move forward with a strong city council.“

In visitor business, the council heard from local citizen Deborah Pisoni. She cited her concerns regarding a pit bulls residing next door to her property. She considers the animal to be vicious and says the situation has been ongoing. On Tuesday, Pisoni said she contacted Councilman William Doubek who suggested she call 911. Pisoni did so, but she found the response time unsatisfactory although both the Animal Control Officer and members of the Neosho Police Department responded. At the time of the meeting, Pisoni said the dog remained at large.

“I came to the meeting because something should be done,” she told the council. “I feel unsafe to even dig in my garden. I do not trust the dog at all and I shouldn’t be afraid to work in my yard.“

Baker said the council would follow up on the situation.

Updates from the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce, a request for variance from the Lane Apartments in Neosho, and more were also covered. Details will appear in The Neosho Daily News.

The next regular session of the Neosho City Council will be held on Tuesday, May 2 in council chambers at Neosho City Hall.

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